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What’s all about? helps international students, parents, and agents explore schools across Canada. Explore a comprehensive list of Canadian schools and programs all in one place. You will also gain access to:

Career Quiz

Career Quiz

Take our Career Quiz and assess your interests and career opportunities. Then, find out which Canadian schools offer programs to help you reach your dream job.


Compare Program Tool

Tired of flipping through view books and getting lost on school websites? Compare school programs side-by-side and make the right choice all in one view.


Hot Careers

Want to land a job after graduation? Get the inside scoop on expected job openings and salary changes in Canada for 2020.

Personality Quiz

Personality Quiz

Find out the potential pitfalls you may encounter while studying in Canada. You'll also get tips on how to play to your strengths and ways to improve as a student.

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Create a free account to take advantage of tools, tips, and
articles from hundreds of schools across Canada.