Landing the Dream Job – Getting into the right academic program can make all the difference.

Getting into the right academic program is crucial to getting hired for that dream job, whether it is in a corner office, running a kitchen or working in a hospital. And most academic programs in Canada require that students can effectively communicate in English.

Applicants to Canadian institutions need to demonstrate their English language proficiency, so that admissions boards will know that they have the communication skills required to succeed in whatever academic program they choose. Increasingly, Canadian institutions are recognizing Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) as an accurate and authentic measurement of real-life English ability.

PTE Academic is a new, computer-based English language test that measures English proficiency in ways that reflect how language is used in academic environments. The test offers test takers a number of benefits over other English language tests:

No more waiting – registration is open now and tests are available at a time and date that is convenient for test takers

Rapid results – test takers receive their scores online, normally within five business days

Better testing experience – tests are given in one three-hour sitting

Accurate and authentic results – academic programs will know students who take PTE Academic are serious about succeed and have the language skills they will need at university

In 2009, test takers will be offered another important benefit – the chance to win a scholarship! The student who scores the highest on PTE Academic in 2009 will win a $5000 scholarship to university* and all students who complete the test this year will be entered to win a $1000 scholarship.
Students who dream of landing their dream job must first succeed at university – and getting accepted is the first
step. Regjster for PTE Academic today and get ready for success!
Modified on November 09, 2009