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Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bachelor
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bachelor; Co-op
Biology B.A. Bachelor; Honours
Biology B.A. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biology B.A. Bachelor
Biology B.A. Bachelor; Co-op
Biology B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op
Biology B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biology B.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Biology B.Sc. Bachelor
Chemistry B.A. Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry B.A. Bachelor
Chemistry B.A. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Chemistry B.A. Bachelor; Co-op
Chemistry B.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Chemistry B.Sc. Bachelor
Chemistry B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op
Earth Sciences B.A. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Earth Sciences B.A. Bachelor
Earth Sciences B.A. Bachelor; Honours
Earth Sciences B.A. Bachelor; Co-op
Earth Sciences B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op
Earth Sciences B.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Earth Sciences B.Sc. Bachelor
Earth Sciences B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Marine Biology B.A. Bachelor
Marine Biology B.Sc. Bachelor
Marine Biology B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op
Marine Biology B.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Marine Biology B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Meteorology Diploma
Microbiology and Immunology B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Microbiology and Immunology B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op
Microbiology and Immunology B.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Microbiology and Immunology B.Sc. Bachelor
Neuroscience B.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Neuroscience B.Sc. Bachelor
Ocean Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Ocean Sciences Bachelor
Physics and Atmospheric Sciences B.A. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Physics and Atmospheric Sciences B.A. Bachelor; Honours
Physics and Atmospheric Sciences B.A. Bachelor
Physics and Atmospheric Sciences B.A. Bachelor; Co-op
Physics and Atmospheric Sciences B.Sc. Bachelor
Physics and Atmospheric Sciences B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op
Physics and Atmospheric Sciences B.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Physics and Atmospheric Sciences B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours

Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Canadian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Canadian Studies Bachelor
Economics B.A. Bachelor; Honours
Economics B.A. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Economics B.A. Bachelor; Co-op
Economics B.A. Bachelor
Economics B.Sc. Bachelor
Economics B.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Economics B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Economics B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op
European Studies Bachelor; Honours
European Studies Bachelor
Gender and Women’s Studies Bachelor
Gender and Women’s Studies Bachelor; Honours
Gender and Women’s Studies - Combined Honours Bachelor; Honours
Gender and Women’s Studies - Concentration Bachelor
International Development Studies Bachelor
International Development Studies Bachelor; Honours
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Political Science Bachelor
Psychology B.A. Bachelor; Co-op
Psychology B.A. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Psychology B.A. Bachelor
Psychology B.A. Bachelor; Honours
Psychology B.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Psychology B.Sc. Bachelor
Psychology B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Psychology B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op
Russian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Russian Studies Bachelor
Russian Studies - Concentration Bachelor
Sociology and Social Anthropology Bachelor
Sociology and Social Anthropology Bachelor; Honours
Sociology and Social Anthropology - Combined Honours Bachelor; Honours
Sociology and Social Anthropology - Concentration Bachelor
Spanish & Latin American Studies Bachelor; Honours

Humanities and Languages

Classics Bachelor
Classics Bachelor; Honours
Contemporary Studies (Combined Honours) Bachelor; Honours
Contemporary Studies, Bachelor of Arts Bachelor
Creative Writing Bachelor
Creative Writing - Combined Honours Bachelor; Honours
Early Modern Studies - Combined Honours Bachelor; Honours
English Bachelor
English Bachelor; Honours
English - Concentration Bachelor
French Bachelor; Honours
French Bachelor
German Bachelor
German Bachelor; Honours
German - Concentration Bachelor
History Bachelor
History Bachelor; Honours
History - Concentration Bachelor
History of Science and Technology - Combined Honours Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy - Concentration Bachelor
Religious Studies Bachelor
Religious Studies Bachelor; Honours
Religious Studies - Combined Honours Bachelor; Honours
Religious Studies - Concentration Bachelor
Spanish & Latin American Studies Bachelor
Spanish & Latin American Studies Bachelor; Honours

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science Bachelor
Computer Science Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science, Bachelor of Science Bachelor
Computer Science, Bachelor of Science Bachelor; Honours
Informatics Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics B.A. Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics B.A. Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics B.A. Bachelor
Mathematics B.A. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics B.Sc. Bachelor
Mathematics B.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Statistics and Operations Management Bachelor; Co-op
Statistics B.A. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Statistics B.A. Bachelor
Statistics B.A. Bachelor; Honours
Statistics B.A. Bachelor; Co-op
Statistics B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Statistics B.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Statistics B.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op
Statistics B.Sc. Bachelor

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting Bachelor; Co-op
Commerce Bachelor; Co-op
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Bachelor
Entrepreneurship Major, Bachelor of Commerce Bachelor; Co-op
Finance Bachelor; Co-op
International Business Bachelor
International Business Bachelor; Co-op
International Food Business Bachelor; Honours
Knowledge Management Bachelor
Knowledge Management Bachelor; Co-op
Leadership and Organizations Bachelor
Management Bachelor
Management and Globalization Bachelor
Managing People and Organizations Bachelor; Co-op
Marketing Bachelor; Co-op
Marketing Logistics Bachelor; Co-op
Marketing Management Bachelor; Co-op
Public Sector Management Bachelor
Social Work Bachelor
Social Work Bachelor; Distance
Statistics and Operations Management Bachelor; Co-op
Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Bachelor; Co-op

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Aboriginal Health Sciences Success Diploma
Arctic Nursing Bachelor
Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Bachelor; Co-op
Emergency Health Services Management Diploma; Online
Health Promotion Bachelor
Health Promotion Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Health Services Administration Diploma; Online
Kinesiology Bachelor; Honours
Kinesiology (Major) Bachelor
Medical Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Medical Sciences Bachelor
Nuclear Medicine Technology Bachelor; Co-op
Nursing Bachelor
Pharmacy Bachelor
Radiological Technology Bachelor; Co-op
Recreation Bachelor
Recreation Bachelor; Honours
Recreation Management Bachelor; Honours
Recreation Management (Major) Bachelor
Respiratory Therapy Bachelor; Co-op
Veterinary Technology Diploma

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Acting Bachelor
Costume Studies Diploma
Costume Studies Bachelor
Music B.A. Bachelor
Music B.A. Bachelor; Honours
Music B.Mus. Bachelor; Honours
Music B.Sc. (Double Major) Bachelor; Honours
Technical Theatre and Stage Design Bachelor
Theatre (Acting) Bachelor; Honours
Theatre (Theatre Studies) Bachelor; Honours
Theatre (Theatre Studies) Bachelor
Theatre and Music (Combined Honours) Bachelor; Honours

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