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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

American Cultural Studies Bachelor; Honours
Anthropology Bachelor
Anthropology Bachelor; Honours
Bioarchaeology Bachelor
Canadian-American Relations Bachelor; Honours
Criminology Bachelor; Honours
Criminology Bachelor
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor
Economics, Politics & Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Financial Economics Bachelor
First Nations Studies Bachelor
First Nations Studies Bachelor; Honours
French Studies Bachelor
Geographic Information Science Bachelor
Geographic Information Science - BA Bachelor; Honours
Geographic Information Science - BSc Bachelor; Honours
Geography Bachelor
Geography - BA Bachelor; Honours
Geography - BSc Bachelor; Honours
Global Economics Bachelor; Honours
International Relations Bachelor; Honours
Ivey/Economics Combined Degree Bachelor; Honours
Kinesiology and Law Bachelor; Honours
Linguistic Anthropology Bachelor
Media and the Public Interest Bachelor; Honours
Media and the Public Interest Bachelor
Media Theory and Production Bachelor
Media, Information and Technoculture Bachelor
Media, Information and Technoculture Bachelor; Honours
Media, Information and Technoculture - Business Administration Bachelor; Honours
Media, Information and Technoculture - Law Bachelor; Honours
Physical Geography Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Political Science and Business Bachelor; Honours
Political Science and Law Bachelor; Honours
Professional Communication Diploma
Psychology Bachelor
Psychology - BA Bachelor; Honours
Psychology - BSc Bachelor; Honours
Psychology and Business Bachelor; Honours
Public Relations Diploma
Sexuality Studies Bachelor
Sociocultural Anthropology Bachelor
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor
Sociology of Health and Aging Bachelor
Women's Studies Bachelor; Honours
Women's Studies Bachelor

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Animal Behaviour Bachelor; Honours
Astronomy Bachelor
Astronomy Bachelor; Honours
Astrophysics Bachelor
Astrophysics Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry Bachelor
Biochemistry and Cell Biology Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry and Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry and Immunology Bachelor; Honours
Bioinformatics Bachelor; Honours
Bioinformatics Bachelor
Biology Bachelor; Honours
Biology Bachelor
Chemical Biology Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Earth Sciences Bachelor
Earth Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Genetics Bachelor; Honours
Genetics Bachelor
Genetics and Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Geology Bachelor; Honours
Geology Bachelor
Geology and Biology Bachelor; Honours
Geophysics Bachelor
Geophysics Bachelor; Honours
Medical Biophysics Bachelor
Medical Biophysics Bachelor; Honours
Medical Cell Biology Bachelor; Honours
Medical Cell Biology Bachelor
Microbiology and Immunology Bachelor
Microbiology and Immunology Bachelor; Honours
Pathology and Toxicology Bachelor
Pathology and Toxicology Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacology Bachelor
Pharmacology Bachelor; Honours
Physics Bachelor
Physics Bachelor; Honours
Physiology Bachelor
Physiology Bachelor; Honours
Physiology and Pharmacology Bachelor; Honours
Physiology and Pharmacology Bachelor
Planetary Science Bachelor
Planetary Science Bachelor; Honours
Theoretical Physics Bachelor; Honours
Theoretical Physics Bachelor

Humanities and Languages

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Basic Medical Sciences Bachelor
Basic Medical Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Clinical Trials Management Post-diploma; Online
Clinical Trials Management Certificate; Online
Community Rural Health Development Bachelor; Honours
Grief and Bereavement Certificate
Health Promotion Bachelor; Honours
Health Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Health Sciences Bachelor
Health Sciences and Business Administration Bachelor; Honours
Health Sciences with Biology Bachelor; Honours
Kinesiology (B.A.) Bachelor
Kinesiology (B.A.) Bachelor; Honours
Kinesiology (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Kinesiology – Sport Management & Business Administration Bachelor; Honours
Kinesiology and Law Bachelor; Honours
Medical Physics Bachelor
Medical Physics Bachelor; Honours
Nursing Bachelor
Nursing (Compressed) Bachelor
Pedorthics Post-diploma; Online
Rehabilitation Sciences Bachelor
Rehabilitation Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Sports Management Bachelor; Honours

Business, Management and Public Administration

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Applied Mathematical Methods Bachelor
Applied Mathematics Bachelor
Applied Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Bioinformatics Bachelor; Honours
Computational Methods & Numerical Analysis Bachelor; Honours
Computational Methods & Numerical Analysis Bachelor
Computer Science Bachelor
Computer Science Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science and HBA Bachelor; Honours
Financial Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Financial Mathematics Bachelor
Financial Modelling Bachelor; Honours
Financial Modelling Bachelor
Mathematical Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics Bachelor
Mathematics in Society Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics in Society Bachelor
Scientific Computing and Numerical Methods Bachelor
Statistical Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Statistical Sciences Bachelor

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Film Studies Bachelor
Film Studies Bachelor; Honours
Fine Arts - Studio Arts Bachelor; Honours
Music Bachelor
Music Bachelor; Honours
Music History Bachelor; Honours
Music Performance Bachelor; Honours
Music Performance Diploma
Music Theory and Composition Bachelor; Honours
Popular Music Studies Bachelor
Visual Arts Bachelor; Honours
Visual Arts Bachelor


Personal Improvement and Leisure

Musical Arts Bachelor
Musical Arts Bachelor; Honours
Writing Post-diploma
Writing Certificate

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Environmental Geoscience Bachelor
Environmental Geoscience Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Science Bachelor
Environmental Science Bachelor; Honours

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services

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