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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Aboriginal Studies Bachelor; Honours
Aboriginal Studies Bachelor
African Studies Bachelor; Honours
American Studies Bachelor
Anthropology - Biological Bachelor
Anthropology - Biological Bachelor; Honours
Anthropology - General (BA) Bachelor
Anthropology - General (BSc) Bachelor
Archaeology Bachelor
Archaeology Bachelor; Honours
Asian Canadian Studies Bachelor
Canadian Studies Bachelor
Canadian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Caribbean Studies Bachelor; Honours
Caribbean Studies Bachelor
Cognitive Science (BA) Bachelor
Cognitive Science (BSc) Bachelor
Contemporary Asian Studies Bachelor
Criminology Bachelor
Criminology Bachelor; Honours
Czech and Slovak Studies Bachelor
Diaspora and Transnational Studies Bachelor
East Asian Studies Bachelor
East Asian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor
Economics and Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Geography Bachelor
Environmental Geography Bachelor; Honours
Equity Studies Bachelor
European Studies Bachelor
Finance and Economics Bachelor; Honours
Financial Economics Bachelor; Honours
Finnish Studies Bachelor
German and Ukrainian Bachelor
German Studies Bachelor
German Studies Bachelor; Honours
Human Geography Bachelor
Human Geography Bachelor; Honours
International Relations Bachelor; Honours
International Relations Bachelor
Italian Bachelor
Latin American Studies Bachelor
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations Bachelor
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations Bachelor; Honours
Nutritional Sciences Bachelor
Peace, Conflict and Justice Bachelor; Honours
Peace, Conflict and Justice Bachelor
Physical and Environmental Geography Bachelor; Honours
Physical and Environmental Geography Bachelor
Polish Studies Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Psychology Bachelor
Psychology Research Bachelor; Honours
Sexual Diversity Studies Bachelor
Sexual Diversity Studies Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor
Urban Studies Bachelor; Honours
Urban Studies Bachelor
Women and Gender Studies Bachelor
Women and Gender Studies Bachelor; Honours

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Applied Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science Bachelor
Computer Science Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence Bachelor
Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science - Computational Linguistics & Natural Language Processing Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science - Computational Linguistics & Natural Language Processing Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science - Computational Linguistics & Natural Language Processing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science - Computational Linguistics & Natural Language Processing Bachelor
Computer Science - Computer Systems Bachelor
Computer Science - Computer Systems Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science - Computer Systems Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science - Computer Systems Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science - Computer Vision Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science - Computer Vision Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science - Computer Vision Bachelor
Computer Science - Computer Vision Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science - Formal Languages and Logic Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science - Formal Languages and Logic Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science - Formal Languages and Logic Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science - Formal Languages and Logic Bachelor
Computer Science - Game Design Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science - Game Design Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science - Game Design Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science - Game Design Bachelor
Computer Science - Human-Computer Interaction Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science - Human-Computer Interaction Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science - Human-Computer Interaction Bachelor
Computer Science - Human-Computer Interaction Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science - Scientific Computing Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science - Scientific Computing Bachelor
Computer Science - Scientific Computing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science - Scientific Computing Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science - Theory of Computation Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science - Theory of Computation Bachelor
Computer Science - Theory of Computation Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science - Theory of Computation Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science - Web and Internet Technologies Bachelor
Computer Science - Web and Internet Technologies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science - Web and Internet Technologies Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science - Web and Internet Technologies Bachelor; Honours
Economics and Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Engineering Science - Engineering Mathematics, Statistics, and Finance Bachelor
Engineering Science - Engineering Mathematics, Statistics, and Finance Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematical Applications in Economics & Finance Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics Bachelor
Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Its Applications Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Its Applications - Physical Science Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Its Applications - Probability/Statistics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Physics Bachelor; Honours
Statistics Bachelor; Honours
Statistics Bachelor

Humanities and Languages

Book and Media Studies Bachelor
Buddhist Studies Bachelor
Buddhist Studies Bachelor; Honours
Celtic Studies Bachelor; Honours
Celtic Studies Bachelor
Christianity and Culture Bachelor
Christianity and Culture Bachelor; Honours
Classical Civilization Bachelor
Classics (Greek and Latin) Bachelor
English Bachelor
English Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Ethics Bachelor
Ethics, Society and Law Bachelor
French Language and French Linguistics Bachelor
French Language and French Linguistics Bachelor; Honours
French Language and Literature Bachelor
French Language and Literature Bachelor; Honours
French Language Learning Bachelor
Greek Bachelor
History Bachelor
History Bachelor; Honours
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology Bachelor; Honours
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology Bachelor
Hungarian Studies Bachelor
Islamic Studies Bachelor
Jewish Studies Bachelor; Honours
Jewish Studies Bachelor
Latin Bachelor
Linguistics Bachelor; Honours
Linguistics Bachelor
Literary Studies - Comparative Literature Bachelor
Literary Studies - Comparative Literature Bachelor; Honours
Literary Studies - Culture Theory Bachelor
Literary Studies - Culture Theory Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Mediaeval Studies Bachelor; Honours
Mediaeval Studies Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor
Physics and Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Polish Language and Literature Bachelor
Portuguese Bachelor; Honours
Portuguese Bachelor
Prehistoric Archeology Bachelor; Honours
Religion Bachelor; Honours
Religion Bachelor
Religion - Christian Origins Bachelor; Honours
Renaissance Studies Bachelor; Honours
Renaissance Studies Bachelor
Russian Language and Literature Bachelor
Russian Language and Literature Bachelor; Honours
Spanish Bachelor
Spanish Bachelor; Honours
Ukrainian Language and Literature Bachelor; Honours
Ukrainian Language and Literature Bachelor

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Animal Physiology Bachelor
Astronomy and Astrophysics Bachelor; Honours
Astronomy and Physics Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry Bachelor
Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Bachelor
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Bachelor; Honours
Biological Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Biological Physics Bachelor; Honours
Biology Bachelor
Biology Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Toxicology Bachelor
Biomedical Toxicology Bachelor; Honours
Cell and Molecular Biology Bachelor; Honours
Cell and Molecular Biology Bachelor
Chemical Physics Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Developmental Biology Bachelor; Honours
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Bachelor; Honours
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Bachelor
Environment and Toxicology Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Biology Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Geosciences Bachelor
Environmental Geosciences Bachelor; Honours
General Physics Bachelor; Honours
Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology Bachelor; Honours
Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology Bachelor
Genome Biology Bachelor; Honours
Geology Bachelor; Honours
Geophysics Bachelor; Honours
Geoscience Bachelor
Global Health Bachelor; Honours
Health and Disease Bachelor; Honours
Human Biology Bachelor
Immunology Bachelor; Honours
Immunology Bachelor
Mathematics and Physics Bachelor; Honours
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Bachelor
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Bachelor; Honours
Neuroscience Bachelor
Pathobiology Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacology and Biomedical Toxicology Bachelor; Honours
Physics Bachelor
Physics Bachelor; Honours
Physics and Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Physiology Bachelor; Honours
Physiology Bachelor
Planetary Science Bachelor; Honours
Synthetic and Catalytic Chemistry Bachelor; Honours

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Architectural Studies Bachelor
Architectural Studies - Design Bachelor
Architectural Studies - History, Theory, Criticism Bachelor
Chemical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Chemical Engineering Bachelor
Civil Engineering Bachelor
Civil Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Engineering Bachelor
Computer Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Electrical Engineering Bachelor
Electrical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Science - Aerospace Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Science - Aerospace Bachelor
Engineering Science - Biomedical Systems Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Science - Biomedical Systems Bachelor
Engineering Science - Computer Bachelor
Engineering Science - Computer Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Science - Electrical Bachelor
Engineering Science - Electrical Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Science - Energy Systems Bachelor
Engineering Science - Energy Systems Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Science - Engineering Mathematics, Statistics, and Finance Bachelor
Engineering Science - Engineering Mathematics, Statistics, and Finance Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Science - Infrastructure Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Science - Infrastructure Bachelor
Engineering Science - Physics Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Science - Physics Bachelor
Industrial (Systems) Engineering Bachelor
Industrial (Systems) Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Materials Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Materials Engineering Bachelor
Materials Science Bachelor; Honours
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor
Mineral Engineering Bachelor
Mineral Engineering Bachelor; Co-op

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Cinema Studies Bachelor; Honours
Cinema Studies Bachelor
Drama Bachelor
Drama Bachelor; Honours
History of Art Bachelor
History of Art Bachelor; Honours
Music Bachelor
Music Bachelor; Honours
Music - Composition Bachelor
Music - Comprehensive Bachelor
Music - History & Theory Bachelor
Music in Performance Bachelor; Honours
Music with Ensemble Bachelor
Music with Ensemble Bachelor; Honours
Operatic Performance - Student Stage Director Diploma
Operatic Repetiteur Diploma
Visual Studies Bachelor; Honours
Visual Studies Bachelor

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Bioethics Bachelor; Honours
Bioethics Bachelor
Environment and Health Bachelor; Honours
Environment and Health Bachelor
Environment and Science Bachelor
Health Studies Bachelor
Health Studies Bachelor; Honours
Kinesiology Bachelor; Honours
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacology Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacology Bachelor

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting - Financial Reporting & Control Bachelor; Honours
Accounting - Public Accounting Bachelor; Honours
Actuarial Science Bachelor
Actuarial Science Bachelor; Honours
Employment Relations Bachelor; Honours
Employment Relations Bachelor
Engineering Science - Engineering Mathematics, Statistics, and Finance Bachelor; Co-op
Finance and Economics Bachelor; Honours
Financial Economics Bachelor; Honours
Management Bachelor; Honours
Public Policy Bachelor


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