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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

African Studies Bachelor; Honours
Anthropology Bachelor; Honours
Anthropology Bachelor
Anthropology (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Business and Society Bachelor; Honours
Business and Society Bachelor
Business Economics (iBA) Bachelor
Business Economics / Économie et commerce Bachelor
Canadian Studies / Études canadiennes Bachelor; Honours
Canadian Studies / Études canadiennes Bachelor
Children's Studies Bachelor; Honours
Children's Studies Bachelor
Cinema & Media Studies Bachelor
Cognitive Science Bachelor; Honours
Communication Studies Bachelor; Honours
Communication Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Communications Bachelor; Honours
Communications Bachelor
Communications (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Criminology Bachelor; Honours
Culture and Expression Bachelor
Culture and Expression Bachelor; Honours
Digital Media Bachelor; Honours
Digital Media (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
East Asian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Economics / Science économique Bachelor
Economics / Science économique Bachelor; Honours
European Studies Bachelor
European Studies (iBA) Bachelor
French Studies Bachelor
French Studies Bachelor; Honours
Gender & Women's Studies Bachelor; Honours
Gender & Women's Studies Bachelor
Gender & Women's Studies / Études des femmes et de genre Bachelor; Honours
Gender & Women's Studies / Études des femmes et de genre Bachelor
Gender & Women's Studies / Études des femmes et de genre (iBA) Bachelor
Geography & Urban Studies Bachelor
Geography (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Geography (BA) Bachelor
Geography (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Geography (BSc) Bachelor
Geography (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
German Studies Bachelor; Honours
German Studies Bachelor
German Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Global Political Studies Bachelor; Honours
Human Rights & Equity Studies Bachelor
Human Rights & Equity Studies Bachelor; Honours
Interdisciplinary Social Science Bachelor
International Development - York/Humber Joint Program Bachelor
International Development Studies Bachelor; Honours
International Development Studies Bachelor
International Studies Bachelor; Honours
International Studies Bachelor
International Studies & Business Administration Bachelor; Honours
International Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Italian Studies Bachelor
Italian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Italian Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Law and Society Bachelor; Honours
Law and Society Bachelor
Multicultural & Indigenous Studies Bachelor; Honours
Multicultural & Indigenous Studies Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Political Science Bachelor
Political Science (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Political Science / Science politique Bachelor
Political Science / Science politique (iBA) Bachelor
Psychology (BA) Bachelor
Psychology (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (BSc) Bachelor
Psychology (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology/Psychologie (BA) Bachelor
Psychology/Psychologie (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology/Psychologie (BA) (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology/Psychologie (BSc) Bachelor
Psychology/Psychologie (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology/Psychologie (BSc) (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Science and Technology Studies (BA) Bachelor
Science and Technology Studies (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Science and Technology Studies (BSc) Bachelor
Science and Technology Studies (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Sexuality Studies Bachelor; Honours
Sexuality Studies Bachelor
Sexuality Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Sexuality Studies / Études sur la sexualité Bachelor
Sexuality Studies / Études sur la sexualité Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor
Sociology / Sociologie Bachelor; Honours
Sociology / Sociologie Bachelor
Sociology / Sociologie (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Spanish (Hispanic Studies) Bachelor
Spanish (Hispanic Studies) Bachelor; Honours
Urban Studies Bachelor

Humanities and Languages

Classical Studies Bachelor
Creative Writing Bachelor; Honours
English Bachelor
English Bachelor; Honours
English & Professional Writing Bachelor; Honours
English Studies Bachelor; Honours
French Studies / Études françaises Bachelor
French Studies / Études françaises Bachelor; Honours
Hellenic Studies Bachelor; Honours
Hellenic Studies Bachelor
History Bachelor; Honours
History Bachelor
History (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
History / Histoire Bachelor; Honours
History / Histoire Bachelor
History / Histoire (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Humanities Bachelor; Honours
Humanities Bachelor
Humanities (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Individualized Studies / Programmes individuels Bachelor
Individualized Studies / Programmes individuels Bachelor; Honours
Individualized Studies / Programmes individuels (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Individualized/Multidisciplinary Studies Bachelor
Individualized/Multidisciplinary Studies Bachelor; Honours
Jewish Studies Bachelor
Jewish Studies Bachelor; Honours
Linguistics Bachelor
Linguistics Bachelor; Honours
Linguistics & Language Studies Bachelor; Honours
Linguistics & Language Studies Bachelor
Linguistics & Language Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy / Philosophie Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy / Philosophie Bachelor
Portuguese Studies Bachelor
Professional Writing Bachelor; Honours
Religious Studies Bachelor; Honours
Religious Studies Bachelor
Spanish Bachelor; Honours
Spanish Bachelor
Spanish (Hispanic Studies) Bachelor
Spanish (Hispanic Studies) Bachelor; Honours
Translation Bachelor; Honours
Translation Bachelor
Translation (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Undecided Major Bachelor
Undecided Major / Majeure non déterminée Bachelor; Honours
Undecided Major / Majeure non déterminée Bachelor
Undeclared Major Bachelor
United States Studies Bachelor; Honours
United States Studies Bachelor

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Applied Mathematics (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Applied Mathematics (BA) Bachelor
Applied Mathematics (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Applied Mathematics (BSc) Bachelor
Computational Math Bachelor
Computer Science (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science (BA) Bachelor
Computer Science (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science (BSc) Bachelor
Computer Security (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Computer Security (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Information Technology (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Information Technology (BA) Bachelor
Information Technology (IBA) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematical Biology Bachelor
Mathematical Biology Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics (BA) Bachelor
Mathematics (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics (BSc) Bachelor
Mathematics (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics / Mathématiques Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics / Mathématiques Bachelor
Mathematics for Education (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics for Education (BA) Bachelor
Mathematics for Education (BSc) Bachelor
Mathematics for Education (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Statistics (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Statistics (BA) Bachelor
Statistics (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Statistics (BSc) Bachelor

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Cinema & Media Arts: Production or Screenwriting Bachelor
Cinema & Media Arts: Production or Screenwriting Bachelor; Honours
Cinema & Media Studies Bachelor
Dance Bachelor; Honours
Dance Bachelor
Dance (BA) Bachelor
Dance (BFA) Bachelor; Honours
Design Bachelor; Honours
Drama Studies Bachelor
Drama Studies Bachelor; Honours
Music (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Music (BA) Bachelor
Music (BFA) Bachelor; Honours
Music (BFA) Bachelor
Theatre (BA) Bachelor
Theatre (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Theatre (BFA) Bachelor; Honours
Theatre (BFA) Bachelor
Visual Art & Art History (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Visual Art & Art History (BA) Bachelor
Visual Art & Art History (BFA) Bachelor
Visual Art & Art History (BFA) Bachelor; Honours

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry Bachelor
Biology Bachelor
Biology Bachelor; Honours
Biology (iBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Biology / Biologie Bachelor; Honours
Biology / Biologie Bachelor
Biomedical Science Bachelor
Biophysics Bachelor; Honours
Biotechnology Bachelor
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor
Earth and Atmospheric Science Bachelor
Earth and Atmospheric Science Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Biology Bachelor
Environmental Biology Bachelor; Honours
Integrated Science Bachelor
Integrated Science Bachelor; Honours
Physics and Astronomy Bachelor
Physics and Astronomy Bachelor; Honours

Business, Management and Public Administration

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services


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