Hot Careers in Canada

Technical Occupations: Libraries/Archives, etc.

Are you information savvy? A technical occupation in libraries and archives may be right for you.

Career Estimated Entry-Level Salary Average Annual Salary (2010-2011)
Library Technicians $29,382 $45,697
Conservation and Restoration Technicians $24,960 $35,172
Technical Occupations in Libraries, Archives, Museums and Art Galleries $29,382 $35,172


Working Environment

Libraries, museums, government, colleges and universities, corporations, and other institutions that require experts to preserve, classify or organize important records.

Certification and Advancement

In many cases, a Master's degree is required for a technical career in libraries, archives and restoration. Library technicians generally start off with an associate's degree or certificate and obtain their Master's degree to become a librarian.

Career Outlook

Many opportunities will open due to retiring professionals.