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Below are the Careers related to "Office Administration and Technology"
  Career Hot Careers Average Salary Salary Change
Accounting technicians and bookkeepers maintain complete sets of books, keep records of accounts, verify the procedures used for recording financial t...
$45,760 +36.99%
Court Recorders
Court recorders record verbatim proceedings of courts using stenomasks, electronic stenography machines or computerized recording equipment. They tran...
$44,221 +20.45%
Payroll and Benefits Administrators
Payroll and benefits administrators collect, verify and process payroll information and determine pay and benefit entitlements for employees within a ...
$45,011 +14.92%
Paralegals, legal assistants, and law clerks in law firms prepare legal documents, maintain records/files, and conduct research. They may also conduct...
$51,355 +13.83%
Trademark Agents
Trademark agents advise on intellectual property matters, research / prepare trademark applications, and represent clients.
$51,355 +13.83%
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