Discover: Life in Canada

Working Holidays in Canada and Abroad
Ever wanted to get experience outside your home country? working holidays makes it easy!
Why You Should Study in Manitoba
Red River College Polytechnic shares some of the many exciting benefits of living in Manitoba.
Expand Your Horizons: Fall Events You Won
In-person events are back across the country! From Toronto to Vancouver, check out what's coming up this fall.
Enhance Your Studies in Canada with a Homestay
Consider living with a Canadian family while you study at Kells Academy.
Your Next Steps: Arriving in Toronto, Canada
York International makes coming to Canada as easy as it can be! Join us and find out how.
Explore Beyond Toronto: Day Trips Outside the City
Niagara College Canada has compiled a list of adventures to check out near Toronto this summer.
The Top 5 Soft Skills You Need and How to Demonstrate Them at Work
You know you've got the skills — but are you prepared to demonstrate them to your boss?
Summer in Canada for International Students: Studying, Working, and More
Options to consider for expanding your education through the summer break.
How to Become a Jewellery Designer
Are you a creative individual that has a good eye for fashion and wants to make your own jewellery? If so, a career in jewellery designing might be for you!💍
Career Tips for International Students
Centennial College and Ten Thousand Coffees partnered to connect current students with alumni.
Learn How to Do Taxes as an International Student with OCAD
The deadline to get your taxes done is April 30! Tax season can be a confusing time of year, but don’t worry — OCAD is here to help you!
How to Become a Personal Support Worker (PSW)
Are you a compassionate person who's looking to make a difference in peoples' lives? If so, becoming a personal support worker may be for you!
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