Discover: Paying for School

International Student Tuition Fees Across Canada
Cost is a big factor when deciding where to study. Each province has a different range of fees for international students.
How to Manage Your Student Loan During COVID
Expert advice on managing expenses, avoiding debt, and repaying your student loans.
Student Financing Terms 101
Understanding the most common financing terms you'll need to know.
Scholarships Created to Honour Victims of Flight PS752
Western University staff and alumni remember the four Western students who lost their lives.
I Am Once Again Asking You to Get Matched to Scholarships
Be like Bernie. Get matched to scholarships that fit your unique profile.
International Scholarships at Western University
Western University has many great scholarship and work opportunities for you.
Work Opportunities for International Students
Did you know that you can work while you study at York University?
International Scholarships at York University
Scholarships and awards for international students.
The University of Toronto
Four years of tuition, books, and residence are covered in this competitive scholarship program.
New Funds for International Students at the University of Guelph
Three new initiatives launched at U of G worth $4 million!
Entry-Level Jobs in Essential Services
No experience? No problem! There are open roles across the country.
Will Colleges and Universities Lower Tuition?
With so many programs going online, should schools reduce the amount students have to pay?
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