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Visit Universities Across Canada This Fall, Without Leaving Home!
Virtual open houses are great opportunities for high school students like you to start planning your future.
Welcome Back to Canada!
Travel restrictions for international students will be lifted at schools with COVID-19 readiness plans starting October 20.
Getting to Know York University
Discover what your future could look like at York University!
Online Learning Opportunities for International Students
Get a great Canadian education, no matter where you live in the world.
2021 World University Rankings: Where Does Canada Stand?
The latest world rankings for universities have been released! Where do your favourite institutions stack up?
Top Tips from Students for Choosing a University
University students offer suggestions for finding the program that's right for you.
NU Gateway Brings Nipissing Students Together
Build your community with the personal and academic supports you need to make first year a big success.
Nova Scotia is Forgiving Student Debt
Undergraduates in all fields have seen $8 million in debt totally cancelled.
Trent University
Remote learning has never been easier thanks to Trent's donor-sponsored laptop program.
Updated: What is Contact Tracing and How Does the COVID Alert App Work?
Find out how contact tracing can help protect yourself and others during the pandemic.
Confederation College Offers Service Guarantee to New Students
Not sure how you'll enjoy the fall semester? New students can experience Confederation risk-free.
What Will Online Learning Mean for Students Overseas?
Here's what to expect from a blended mix of online and in-person instruction.
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