Transfer your Courses to a Canadian University

By Athabasca University Modified on July 21, 2017

Get Course Credit at Your Canadian University by Studying at Athabasca University.


Did you know that every year, over 30,000 students studying at a Canadian university take a course or two at Athabasca University to fulfill their program requirements?

With undergraduate courses beginning every month, we make it easy for you to take some courses to fit into a program at another Canadian institution. Perhaps you had to drop a course or you couldn’t get all of your courses to work in your schedule, or you failed a course and need to try again. With Athabasca University, you can do it at a pace and timeline that works for you.

Many Canadian post-secondaries have transfer agreements with Athabasca University that grant credit for most of our courses. However, we can’t guarantee acceptance of your AU credit. The decision to accept transfer courses is made by the institution you’re attending, and you should contact them with any questions or concerns.

If you’re enrolled as an international student in a program at another Canadian university and want to take an AU course for one of your program requirements, you'll enroll as a non-program or (visiting) student. Once you have applied to AU, you can begin registering for courses right away.

We encourage you to get a letter of permission from your home institution to ensure your AU credits will transfer to your program. This is for your peace of mind only– you don’t need to send us this letter.

We make it easy for you to enroll as a visiting student and start taking a course with us.

Enjoy your time in Canada and keep Athabasca University top of mind when studying in Canada! We’re here to help.