Tips for Achieving Career Success in Canada

By University of Waterloo Modified on March 12, 2018

Co-operative education (or "co-op") is one of the best ways of laying the groundwork for career success.


Whether it's getting a part-time job or achieving a career in their desired field, many students have a dream of working one day in Canada. And although it can be difficult to reach, it is nevertheless a realistic goal as long as you have the right preparation and experience. Here are some tips for achieving career success in Canada.

Co-operative education (or "co-op") is one of the best ways of laying the groundwork for career success. In co-op, you'll tie together academic studies with work placements, meaning that you'll graduate with a degree and work experience that will help you stand out from the rest. Many universities offer a co-op program, with the University of Waterloo being North America's largest with 100+ co-op programs.

Caroline, a Waterloo Biology student, says her co-op experiences have given her opportunities that have shaped the way she thinks about her future.

Alternatively, Canadian universities and colleges offer work-study programs that allow students to pursue an on-campus, part-time job. These jobs allow students to gain work experience and earn a good wage without compromising their academics.

There are also on-campus resources and services that you can use to help you with the job application process, like the Centre for Career Action at the University of Waterloo. From resume-critiquing sessions to mock interviews, these services can help you improve your prospects at landing a job, be it for a summer job or your first job after graduation.

Finally, some schools also offer hands-on options, such as Waterloo's EDGE program where students complete six milestones that include workshops and three work/community experiences. EDGE helps students develop professional skills, explore options for their careers, and teaches them how to market themselves to employers.

Students in Canada have many options to choose from that will help them on their path toward achieving career success. However, these options are only there to help and in the end, hard-work and effort still matter the most.