Start Your Pathway to Canada in China

By Centennial College Modified on July 23, 2018

Centennial College (Toronto, Canada) offers credit-transfer pathways and visa support.


Moving to Canada as an international student takes lots of planning and preparation, both personally and academically. To get ready for academic success in Canada, students can now start adapting to the Canadian curriculum and learning style while gaining a global perspective in China.

Suzhou Centennial College offers students a unique opportunity to combine the best academic and cultural experiences in China with pathways to further study at College and University in Canada. With over 1,000 pathway options, Centennial College is a leader in academic pathways and partnerships.

“Travelling abroad, especially if you’re coming to go to school somewhere, it brings out the best in you,” says John Kubinski, Suzhou Centennial College (SCC) Professor, Language Center.

“See SCC” Videos explore Canadian Education in China. Start watching to follow uplifting stories, learning experiences and inspirational journeys that connect you with our new pathways to Canada. “Seeing the world and Canada was really my big dream in my youth. I will be going abroad to Centennial College in Canada next year!” says Nurxat Nijat (Leon), Business Foundations student at SCC in China.

As the only Canadian College in China, Suzhou Centennial College programs can help you create new opportunities for your future education and career that you can’t find anywhere else.

Start your Pathway to Canada at SCC in China

  • Centennial College (Toronto, Canada) offers credit-transfer pathways and visa support
  • Earn a ministry-recognized Ontario Diploma or Graduate Certificate in China
  • University Degree Pathways in Canada (BBA, BSc, BCom)
  • Low IELTS score? Study English at the first Canadian College in China
  • Study visa denied? Start a Canadian diploma this September in China!

Want a global career? Start here.

  • Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is the most competitive industrial development zone in China
  • Suzhou’s high-tech Science and Education Innovation District is home to 100,000 students!

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