Homesick? 10 tips for the international student

By Carleton University Modified on April 17, 2019
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Your sadness will end, and you’ll be your happy self again in no time (and maybe improved!)


Leaving your comfort zone can be uncomfortable at first, and leaving home may include a bout of homesickness. But you will get through it, and you’ll be thriving in no time.

  1. 1. Know it’s normal.
  2. Almost everyone who leaves home experiences being homesick at one point in their lives.

  3. 2. Remember: You’re not alone.
  4. If you’re homesick and everyone around you seems happy, remember that looks may be deceiving. People often hide their vulnerabilities.

  5. 3. Talk about it.
  6. Universities have many services for students. Here at Carleton University, we have an office to support international students, which offers peer support. You can talk to other international students, friends, or a campus counsellor.

  7. 4. Find some favourite spots,
  8. like a great place to study, or a favourite table at a cafe. Maybe you have gardens or greenhouses at school. The more familiar your surroundings, the more comfortable you will become.

  9. 5. Keep in touch with home:
  10. Stay connected and schedule video chats. Make time to touch base with those you miss most, but know that you need to build a support system at school too.

  11. 6. Get busy.
  12. Universities have student run clubs and societies (Carleton has over 200 ) and you can find like-minded people from Canada and all over the world. It’s a great way to make friends, and broaden your horizons.

  13. 7. Do things that remind you of home.
  14. This could include eating some food from your country, or food your family eats. You might want to share with a new friend.

  15. 8. Stay positive.
  16. It will get better.

  17. 9. Recognize that if you’re homesick, it means that you left home with love ♥.
  18. 10. Never forget you are a brave adventurer
  19. who has travelled far from home looking for opportunity, excitement and a world of possibilities. You got this.

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