Test Your Canadian IQ with the Canada Day Quiz!

By Logan Bright Modified on July 01, 2024
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We've got 20 fun questions to mark Canada's 157th birthday.

Think you know the nation? Take the Canada Day Quiz!

Happy Canada Day! July 1 marks the 157th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, which dates all the way back to 1867. Canada has an imperfect history, but there's plenty to celebrate, too.

Truth and reconciliation

Though inflation and housing costs have captured the news cycle, we're still focused on truth and reconciliation. You may remember that in 2021, hundreds of unmarked graves were discovered across the country, bringing the tragedies of Canada's residential schools system to the forefront of the public consciousness.

If you're interested in learning more about Indigenous histories and cultures, consider checking out Reconciliation: A Starting Point, a mobile app built to help users understand reconciliation, and why it matters.

Going even further, you can explore Indigenous Canada via a University of Alberta program established on coursera, or read up on Indigenous history across Canada.

Canada Day celebrations

No matter what you're doing this Canada Day, consider taking a moment of silence at 7 pm on July 1. Offer a few quiet moments to contemplate what you're grateful for, and how we can pull together to improve upon the failures of the past.

You can take part in Canada Day celebrations across the country. Your community may have something special going on too! Check out ToDoCanada.ca for local celebrations near you.

Take the Canada Day quiz

Canada Day is about more than reconciliation, though. Canadian culture is diverse and multifaceted. In that spirit, we've built a Canada Day quiz with 20 questions guaranteed to get you thinking! Do you know who Canada's richest celebrity is? Or what flavour of potato chips you can only get in Canada?

Take the quiz and find out how well you know Canada! Can you get 100% correct? Good luck!

Take the Canada Day quiz now

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