Virtual Tours Let You Experience Campus From Home

By Logan Bright Modified on July 31, 2020

Tour schools from coast to coast right from your screen and find the right fit for you.

Virtual tours are the best way in our pandemic-stricken world to explore a campus and decide if it's right for you.

Are you eager to learn more about the colleges and universities you're considering attending? Have you read every page, attended every webinar, checked out every photo on Google? Even if so, it's hard to get a feel for a school just from reading about it. That's why campus tours are so important.

Campus tours

Campus tours give future students like you the chance to take in a school's environment, see its amenities up close, and ask questions from students and profs who know the place best.

Of course, touring a campus just about anywhere in Canada is a challenege right now. That's why schools across the country are turning to virtual tours instead.

Virtual tours

Virtual tours let you explore a campus from your screen. In our pandemic-stricken times, they're the best way to get a feel for a campus by "wandering around" and checking it out for yourself.

Some virtual tours are quite elaborate, with 3D renderings of classrooms and green spaces. Others use tech derived from Google StreetView that lets you "walk around" the campus with the press of a button. Still others are video-based, often a series on YouTube featuring many facets of student life.

More and more schools are developing virtual tours of their own. To support you and your education, we've gathered them onto a brand new Virtual Tours page. There you'll find schools from across Canada to explore, and you can request more info from the schools that interest you most.

Take a virtual tour today

Virtual tours can be a fun way to explore a campus when you're otherwise stuck inside. It's also a lot cheaper and easier: no travel time! You can decide if a campus feels like the right fit for you.

So take a few minutes to check out the new Virtual Tours page and get a change of (virtual) scenery!

Check out the Virtual Tours page

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