Describing Every Program in Ryerson’s Faculty of Arts in a Sentence (or Two)

By Ryerson University Modified on January 17, 2022
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Learn more about the what kind of programs Ryerson University's Faculty of Arts offers!

 Describing Every Program in Ryerson’s Faculty of Arts in a Sentence (or Two)

Here at Ryerson University, we have over 60 unique programs to match the interests of future students across seven faculties. I recently wrote a blog post that described all of The Creative School programs in a sentence or two, and I knew I needed to do another one for a different faculty. Our Faculty of Arts has 14 programs and is the only faculty to offer select double majors.

Arts and contemporary studies:

This is a customizable program that allows students to specialize in fields including anthropology, global studies, history, and so many more! In Arts and Contemporary Studies, students learn research skills and can apply them in team projects or on an international exchange.


If you’re interested in law, justice or the study of crime (any true-crime enthusiasts out there?) then the Criminology program might be for you. In the program, students learn how to think about and interpret issues in law, criminal justice, ethics, and how the issues of race, class and gender matter in the criminal justice system. To tie everything together, students also get hands-on experience through international exchanges and case studies. This program also offers select double major options.


As a transfer student to Ryerson, Hillina says that “transferring over to Ryerson’s English program is a decision I will always be thankful for. Having the opportunity to learn, read and write about so many different genres, cultures and writing styles has made it so much more enjoyable to progress in my career!” English also has some double major options.

Environment and urban sustainability:

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our generation. In our Environment and Urban Sustainability program, students learn about the discussion around our environment in contemporary times and how to move forward with help from an optional practicum, consulting for external clients, fieldwork and other experiential learning opportunities.

Geographical analysis:

Geographical Analysis allows students who are passionate about geography, mapping and related technologies to apply their knowledge to real-world situations. With labs, an internship and fieldwork, this program prepares students for work in the industry.


To move forward into the future, it is important that we fully understand the past. Students in the History program learn how history has led us to where we are today through studying historical documents, artifacts and more. They can also supplement their classroom knowledge with practicums, work placements and curatorial classes. This program also offers select double major options.

International economics and finance:

If you’re interested in business and finance, then learning about world markets and global economics in International Economics and Finance might be for you. You’ll also get to gain work experience with a mandatory internship and other experiential learning opportunities, such as case studies and specialized training in finance and statistics.

Language and intercultural relations:

Third-year Language and Intercultural Relations student, Erica, says that “learning about language and cultures eases the process of being open-minded about other cultures and enlightens us about our similarities and differences.”


Do you love asking questions, reading about questions, and fighting for the answers you’re passionate about? The Philosophy program will let you do all of this and more, while developing the ability to think critically about our world and the issues to be solved. This program also offers select double major options.

Politics and governance:

Understanding politics and government is critical to making a difference in social justice, human rights and policy. Politics and Governance prepares students to address a number of challenges in our contemporary society with experiential learning opportunities that allow them to gain experience and knowledge in the field. The program also offers double major opportunities.


If you want to understand human behavior and why we do what we do, the Psychology program will help you to research and learn about psychology fields including cognition, statistics, law and more.

Public administration and governance:

Public Administration and Governance is a part-time program that offers a variety of class formats to help you learn how government works, how policies develop and how initiatives in the public sector affect all of society to help you prepare for a career in the field.


Movements behind social change and social justice are very prevalent in our world these days. If this is something that you’re passionate about, our Sociology program will allow you to explore these concepts and how it relates to power, inequality, social media, and other challenges in our society. This program also offers double major options.

Undeclared arts:

This program is for first-year students who aren’t 100% sure about what they want to study yet. Undeclared Arts allows you to explore opportunities within the Faculty of Arts before deciding on a major or double major for the remainder of your undergraduate career.

Our Faculty of Arts is focused on building critical thinkers to help shape our very own future. These summaries are just the beginning of what the Faculty of Arts can offer you on your journey to change the world.

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