4 Reasons to Attend a CCUF Education Fair

By Tess Campbell Modified on October 26, 2022
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CCUF education fairs are back online this November! Make sure you register and attend so you can connect with your future school.

 4 Reasons to Attend a CCUF Education Fair

The Canadian College and University Fairs (CCUF) are back! CCUF is a series of virtual education fairs to help you find the right school and scholarships. Whether you’re a high school student looking into your undergrad degree, a current undergrad planning for your grad degree, a parent, or a school counsellor, you’ll find the information you need at CCUF!

This year, CCUF is hosting two events for students:

And a special virtual workshop for counsellors:

Discover the top four reasons why you should attend CCUF this November:

1. It’s a VIRTUAL education fair

As we’re rebounding from the pandemic, our calendars are packed. We’re busy with our school, work, and social lives, so it’s hard to find extra time to travel across town or to a different city to meet with schools.

But, since CCUF is a virtual education fair, you have the flexibility to participate from anywhere. Don’t worry about figuring out transportation or having to take a day off school or work. All you need is your phone or laptop — with internet of course — to get valuable information you need to choose the right school for you.

2. Connect with schools and students

Education fairs are a great resource for students, parents, and counsellors to have. Whether you’re looking for information on one particular school, or you’re exploring your options, education fairs are perfect places to connect! You’ll get to know more about what makes each school unique, the kinds of programs that are offered, what the campus culture is like, key information, scholarships and other financial aid, and tips and tricks for applying.

Not only will you get to connect with schools, but you’ll also have the ability to chat with other students at the fair. You’ll find other students who are interested in similar schools and programs as you, so you may make a friend before school begins! A benefit of connecting with other students is you can share your thoughts, generate more questions you may not have considered, and get a better picture of each school.

3. Get your questions answered immediately

One of the biggest benefits of attending CCUF is you can ask each school any questions you have — and get them answered immediately! You won’t have to send an email and then wait for a response. At CCUF you’ll have the opportunity to ask exhibitors your questions during their live presentation! Or, if you miss the presentation or think of questions after, you can connect with the exhibitor at their booth.

Not sure what kinds of questions you should be asking at an education fair? Check out our article on Questions to Ask at Virtual Education Fairs.

4. Win prizes

If connecting with your dream school wasn’t a big enough incentive to sign up and attend CCUF, you’ll also be entered to win incredible prizes! One of the most notable prizes is a $1,000 grand prize at each fair! Whether you’re a Canadian student attending the Canadian Student Virtual Education Fair or an international student attending the International Student Virtual Education Fair, you could win $1,000! And that’s not all the prizes — find out what else you could win when you register for CCUF.

To be eligible to win, all you need to do is sign up and attend the CCUF fair that best fits you, check out the booths, attend a few webinars, and ask questions about the programs that interest you!

The Fall 2022 fairs are now over, but don't worry if you've missed the fair! You can watch the recordings for both the Canadian Student Virtual Education Fair and the International Student Virtual Education Fair on our Youtube channel.

Watch the CCUF recordings

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