Moving for Better Job Opportunities in the Creative Industry? Make it Toronto!

By Centennial College Modified on June 10, 2024
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Find out why Toronto is one of the best places to immerse yourself in the creative industries.

 Moving for Better Job Opportunities in the Creative Industry? Make it Toronto!

People often say that the very best way to learn a language is to completely surround yourself with it. Immersion, for example, could mean visiting a specific country to expose yourself to its native speakers. Immersing yourself in your future profession is also an effective way to enhance your education. Those considering a media, art, communications, design, or performing arts career can do so by studying in Toronto — the hub of creative jobs!

Moving for better job opportunities has become commonplace today, and Canada’s largest city is an ideal locale to learn your creative craft and land a job after graduation. Here are some ways in Toronto that, as a future creative professional, you can get inspired, network, and possibly even propel your career forward.

Envision your performing arts career in Toronto’s theatre district

Yes, the city has an entire district dedicated to the performing arts. Located in downtown Toronto, it contains the largest concentration of stage theatres in Canada. Globally, it comes in third for the largest English-speaking theatre district (after West End in London and Broadway in New York City, which puts it in renowned company).

Many of the theatres in this neighbourhood have been around for a very long time, making them so well-established that when large touring productions come to Toronto, they are automatically staged here. For example, the Royal Alexandra Theatre, which was built in 1907, is the oldest continuously operating legitimate theatre in North America. Its stage has seen almost 3400 productions over the past 117 years.

If you are considering college programs in areas of study such as Dance Performance, Music Industry Arts and Performance, Performing Arts Fundamentals, and Theatre Arts and Performance, your performance arts career will benefit greatly from everything Toronto’s entertainment scene has to offer.

Count communications and media among the creative jobs Toronto offers

As the country’s largest city, TO (as some call it), is the hub of communications and media. In fact, it is the largest media market in Canada and the fourth-largest in North America, behind New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Media and communications often go hand-in-hand, so many corporate communications agencies have offices in the city, too.

Organizations ranging from television and radio stations, to digital and print media outlets often accept interns and work placement students. Many Toronto post-secondary students launch their careers in this way. While numerous media platforms service the city, others cater to specific neighbourhoods, cover the Greater Toronto Area as a whole, or extend their coverage nationally. Here are some names you may recognize, which are headquartered in Toronto:

  • CBC Television
  • CTV
  • Global
  • CityTV
  • CP24
  • The Globe and Mail
  • National Post

In 2021, the City of Toronto announced the development of the Basin Media Hub. It will feature eight purpose-built sound stages, production office space, and workshop and production support space on an 8.9-acre waterfront property. The state-of-the-art hub will support the film, television, and digital media industries. It will also expand the creative jobs Toronto offers, and employment training opportunities.

Find motivation for moving for better job opportunities in art and design

From the Ontario Art Gallery to the Royal Ontario Museum, this city is renowned for its cultural institutions. Not only do these places attract tourists, but they also employ many professionals in art and design. In addition to the bigger institutions, there are a host of smaller organizations that also make a big impact. There’s so much culture in TO that local media outlet, BlogTO, has compiled a list of 24 art galleries by neighbourhood. Talk about an abundance of inspiration and career opportunities!

Studying for creative jobs in Toronto

At Centennial College, there are many opportunities to become a creative professional. The School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design is the college’s hub for this area of study. What’s more, Centennial has its very own places of inspiration, with two campuses facilitating creative programs. The first is the Story Arts Centre, which is located centrally near many relevant major institutions. The second is The Performing Arts Centre, which, as the name implies, caters specifically to all of the college’s performing arts programs.

Toronto truly takes the guesswork out of moving for better job opportunities in the creative field.

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