Scholarships Opportunities at Algonquin College

By Algonquin College Modified on January 15, 2016

Pursuing higher education is a big investment, especially for international students.

At Algonquin College, we like to support and reward our international students for their academic achievement and drive. We offer 16 entrance scholarships of $3,000 to first-year, first-time international students, based on academic merit and a personal statement. These scholarships are available to students from anywhere in the world and are awarded to applicants with above-average grades and English language proficiency.

To qualify, you must be an international student accepted into your program for the upcoming academic semester and not be receiving any other bursaries or scholarships.

We also offer 8 entrance scholarships for students currently enrolled in our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program who are transitioning into an academic program at Algonquin. Acceptance is based on your latest transcripts and a personal statement.

For both types of scholarships, your 500-word personal statement should explain how and why you chose your field of study and what skills, knowledge, and contribution you will bring to the program and to Algonquin College. We encourage you to let your passion for your chosen area of study shine through your writing, and to triple-check your work for any typos or grammar errors.

Please note that the deadline for application for Winter 2016 intake is October 30, 2015, and the deadline for Fall 2016 intake is June 30, 2016. Applying for this scholarship does not guarantee successful selection.

You can learn more about the scholarship and bursary opportunities available at Algonquin College by clicking HERE.

Good luck with your application!