Twelve reasons Canada is a winning choice

By Concordia University Modified on March 29, 2017

A top-notch education, an excellent reputation


  1. 1. Canada enjoys a great reputation. We’ve won praise for our effective government, beautiful environment and advanced economy. People know Canadians to be open-minded, friendly and welcoming.
  2. 2. The quality of education in Canada is very high. The fact that all publicly-funded universities are audited and accredited on a regular basis is the basis of our excellent standard of teaching and learning.
  3. 3. Montreal is the best place on the planet for an international education. We placed first in the latest Economist Intelligence Unit rankings.
  4. 4. Our programs are among the very best in the world. We’ve received special recognition for our strengths in education, art and design, communication and media studies, accounting and finance, English literature, engineering, linguistics, and psychology.
  5. 5. There’s an emphasis on practical learning. Paid internships through our Co-op program are just one way to get experience during your degree.
  6. 6. You’ll get the chance to create new knowledge. Our undergraduate research awards let you investigate an area you’re passionate about, with financial support and the supervision of a faculty sponsor.
  7. 7. Our programs are flexible. There’s room to take courses in a variety of subjects, or even change programs partway through.
  8. 8. The university is big, but our classes are small. Seventy-five per cent of classes have fewer than 60 students.
  9. 9. Canada offers a three-year work visa upon graduation. You won’t be restricted to a certain field or a geographic area.
  10. 10. Concordians benefit from an international student exchange program. Take courses for credit at partner universities in more than 35 countries.
  11. 11. Our students are already doing great things. You’ll be inspired by your fellow students to make a difference.

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