Get Ready for School in Canada!

By University of Waterloo Modified on May 08, 2017

Make sure that you get involved in campus life!


Canada, known for its multicultural and inclusive values, is recognized internationally as one of the best countries in which to live and study. The University of Waterloo--which is less than 100 km from the buzzing metropolis of Toronto--is home to thousands of students from around the world. Make sure that you get involved in campus life!

The University of Waterloo offers numerous support services for international students, including a peer group community to help you meet fellow international students while learning about Canadian culture and adjusting to campus life! International students are also encouraged to participate in as many orientation activities as they can, especially the International Orientation.

Another option to consider is joining any of the 300+ clubs offered on campus! These clubs cover various topics, for people who love anime, coffee, singing, and the list goes on! You can also join a culture-based club, which is a great chance to meet people from various cultures around the world.

Coming to a new country may be a daunting experience, but remember that you are not alone and there are numerous people here that would be happy to help you adjust… you only have to reach out and ask for it!