International Student Life: Exploring Opportunities in Canada

By Centennial College Modified on May 15, 2017

Get the most out of your Canadian experience - Read on to explore opportunities in Canada!


Canada is popular for its high-quality education, diversity and excellent standard of living. Students interested in studying abroad are attracted to Canada’s wide range of career opportunities.

Centennial College stands out as the number one college choice for international students in Canada! Numerous services are available on campus to provide support, learning and entertainment that helps provide a smooth transition into college life.

As an internationally reputable institution, Centennial has secured 398 International Pathways with University partners around the world. To support an internationalized learning experience, Centennial offers pathways to Canada that start at Suzhou Centennial College learning site in China, as well as unique opportunities like multi-country delivery of programs.

Master in International Business Development (MAIB) students study in three different countries; Italy, India and Canada. “MAIB has been the most rewarding experience I have had in my life. While doing the program, we had to develop projects for start-ups, about global and marketing strategy. These projects were useful for my professional life and helped me build my own brand” says Karla Cabrera, a successful Centennial Graduate.

The international exposure Centennial offers helps students develop global and inter-cultural skills that are fundamental for their careers. “My internship at the Consulate of Costa Rica in Toronto helped me direct my abilities and experience to international trade development, which is an area of my interest. In my current position as a Business Development Executive in Canada, I use my intercultural abilities to function as liaison between India and Canada…My international experience definitely had an impact in me getting this job. I remember that my current boss was very impressed about the program and wanted to know more about it. People get very curious when you tell them you have lived in three different countries while studying” explains Cabrera.

As an international student who loves to travel, living in Canada is a great experience! For a vacation, you don’t have to travel far. Activities and events planned by the school encourage students to get the most out of their Canadian experience. “Being in Canada is amazing! I have met friends for life from all sorts of cultures and learned so much. Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so grab it and make it count. Experience as much as you can! Go on that night out, go to that cottage by the lake or go to a food festival!” says Lauren Gregory, Interactive Media Management student.

While you’re in Canada, you have an opportunity to advance your education and career. Make the most of it by getting involved in campus activities, networking and volunteering.

By: Neema Kapera, Centennial College
Public Relations - Corporate Communications student