Making the Move!

By University of Waterloo Modified on July 20, 2017

It’s time to seriously think about making the big move to Canada!


You applied, you waited, and finally got accepted into university. So, first of all, congratulations! And second of all, it’s time to seriously think about making the big move to Canada!

Here are some things to know before making the move:

Arriving on campus
Many universities will offer an airport shuttle service to bring you to campus. At Waterloo, this free shuttle will pick you up at Pearson International Airport and bring you to campus with up to 2 friends or family members. Make sure to check if your university offers this service.

A place to call home
Living in residence is the most popular housing choice among first-year students. At Waterloo, students who live in residence are more likely to continue on to second year, more likely to graduate, and have slightly higher grades. Residence is a great place to access resources on campus and make new friends.

How we can help you
Waterloo offers helpful resources like an International Student Orientation and the opportunity to connect with other students from your home country. We’ve got you covered with Health Services to help you with your medical needs while you’re away from home. Check out what services your university can offer you to help with your transition.

The weather
Here in Waterloo, you’ll enjoy 4 distinct seasons. The summers are hot, the leaves change colour in autumn, the winters bring snow, and flowers bloom in the spring. Be prepared for a range of temperatures.

Keep in touch
Moving to school may mean leaving your family and friends in your home country. Rebecca, a Waterloo student from China, said that she keeps up with her family and friends using Facetime and WeChat. Other ways to stay in touch with family could be Skype, social media, or a simple phone call.

See you in September!