Centennial College Draws the World to its Doorstep

By Centennial College Modified on July 20, 2017

Toronto’s Centennial College is the most popular Canadian college for international students.


When the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, proclaimed his English city the most multicultural in the world, BBC Radio felt compelled to correct him. The British broadcaster pointed out that it was Toronto, Canada, that boasted the most diverse population within its city limits.

Toronto truly is a model cosmopolitan city everyone needs to experience at least once. And many international students are planning to do so. It doesn’t hurt that The Economist magazine named Toronto as the best city in the world (EIU Index of Indexes, 2015). Being in Toronto, Centennial College attracts almost 7,000 visa students annually, making it the most popular Canadian college for international students.

Hosting students from overseas is an immense responsibility that Centennial takes seriously. International students are a valued part of our campus community and we make every effort to meet their needs. Our admissions officers and advisors help students to be successful by offering the following:

• Application and enrollment assistance
• Help with transitioning to life in Canada
• Orientation to Centennial College
• Referrals to community services and agencies
• Learning to use the health insurance plan
• Housing information
• Recreational and cultural activities
• Information on study and work permit applications

Centennial established international student ambassadors who work closely with incoming students to help them get settled well. Given that our ambassadors had experienced the settlement process themselves makes them eminently qualified to assist others.

“I believe that sharing my experience helps new students to adapt to the new culture, atmosphere and procedures. It helps make their transition easier from their home country to this fast-paced environment in Canada,” explains ambassador Deep Basak.

The personal connectivity at Centennial makes a world of difference, even in a country as welcoming as Canada. We invite you to try it!