Apply. Accept. Arrive

By Algonquin College Modified on November 07, 2017

Your 3-step guide to Algonquin College!


Visas, applications, study permits, work permits, it doesn’t have to be scary. We break down the process and provide you with a guide to a worry-free application experience.

Before you Apply, you should be very familiar with the requirements for your program and ensure you meet the requirements.

Admission Requirements are based on

  • Country
  • Program area – with over 180 programs, requirements may be specific to your program of choice. Be sure to examine both the academic requirements, like Math or English and non-academic requirements like a portfolio or volunteer experience
  • Language Proficiency – Language proficiency scores like IELTS, could be required (if your country’s official language is not English). Review the AC English Language Proficiency Requirements.

Your offer letter will be posted to the Application Portal, Accept the offer by following the instruction outlined in the letter

  • Your offer letter now allows you to apply for your study permit
  • Don’t forget to save your place in the program by paying your fees on time
  • It’s also a good time to apply for our on-campus residence

Are you ready to Arrive? If you answer yes to the following questions, you are!

  • Have you been accepted?
  • Have you paid your fees by the date outlined in your offer letter?
  • Have you been granted a study permit?
  • Have you secured residence or other accommodation?


  • Be Informed – know your program requirements
  • Start Early – Give yourself enough time for your application and allow enough time for visa application process
  • Documentation – submit all required documents at once to minimize wait times for your application

Take advantage of our FREE Arrival Services, which includes, airport pick-up, temporary housing, settlement services and more.