Adventure Awaits! The Application Journey

By University of Northern British Columbia Modified on November 06, 2017

It’s time to start the application process.


After you’ve checked out a few schools and explored their program offerings, admission requirements, fees and tuition rates, student life and community, and maybe (hopefully!) even visited a campus or two to get a real feel for the institutions, and narrowed your list to a small handful, it’s time to start the application process. Applying for schools is its own journey, and we firmly believe that every journey needs a good map (preferably the old-school, folding kind)!

First stop: Apply. Most schools encourage you to apply online and most of those application pages are really easy to find with big, bright “Apply Now!” buttons easily located. (Some schools also provide application forms that you can download and fill out, hard copy, if you’re more comfortable with that.)

Next: Submit. Take care to ensure all of your supporting documents (like transcripts, proof of English language proficiency, statements of intent, portfolios, essays, resumes, and any other required items) are sent to the right department for application evaluation.

Rest stop. After you’ve submitted your applications, the waiting game begins. Many schools allow you to log into your applicant portal to track your application status online to make sure you’re on track and have submitted everything necessary to receive an offer of admission.

Celebration break. You’ve been accepted – congratulations! Make sure you accept your seat, if required, and pay any necessary registration deposits (which are usually small tuition pre-payments to secure your place in the program or course and not an independent, additional charge).

The final leg. Now that you’ve been accepted, it’s time to apply for scholarships and awards, financial aid, and on-campus housing as desired and necessary!

Ask for directions! If, at any point, you feel lost along the way or need to go over any information, do not hesitate to email us at or check us out online at We are here to help and make this journey as smooth sailing as possible! (Reach out to the recruitment team of any other institution you’re applying to also, we all want you to be successful.)