Get a Head Start on Your Future Career at UAlberta!

By University of Alberta Modified on March 19, 2018

Choosing the right Canadian university is important for finding a career post-graduation!


A successful career is an important goal for many international students who choose to study in Canada. Choosing the right Canadian university is important for finding a career post-graduation!

  • Find the right program: A huge part of finding a career is choosing your program of study. With over 200 program options, UAlberta caters to many diverse interests, both more general and very specific - meaning that you can find the right program for you and your future career.
  • More UAlberta graduates are employed: With some of the top post-graduation employability rankings, more UAlberta grads are getting good jobs in Canada. UAlberta graduates are employed at a much higher rate than the general Canadian population, and UAlberta graduates are known to have a high awareness of their career options and strong confidence in their career opportunities.
  • A reputation you can bank on: As a global top-100 university and one of the top five in Canada, UAlberta’s excellence is well known. Many employers around the world look to university rankings when hiring, and UAlberta’s strong local profile means that alumni are valued in all industries across the country.
  • Programs with work components: Many UAlberta faculties offer co-op and work experience placements. Participating in one of these programs during your undergraduate studies can give hands-on work experience, create networks with employers, and give insight into a career in Canada!
  • Extracurricular programming: With programs such as I-Work, UAlberta helps international students prepare for a Canadian career. Intercultural training, interview skills, and networking opportunities are all offered by UAlberta for international students.
  • Career support and opportunities: Many students want to work while they’re studying. UAlberta has special programs such as the International Student Work Experience Program (ISWEP) caters helps international undergraduate students find work on-campus during the summer. The UAlberta Career Centre hosts career fairs, workshops, job-shadow events, and information sessions for all UAlberta students!

As you’re deciding where you want to study in Canada, be sure to consider what your future university can offer for your desired Canadian career. Academic program choice, extracurricular training, university reputation, and career services are all very important aspects of this decision. Even if you haven’t decided on a career yet, choosing the right university will place you on the path to success for both your academic and professional life.