Experiencing the Best of Canadian Life at UAlberta

By University of Alberta Modified on May 14, 2018

Making friends, campus life, and exploring Canada!


Even though your first concern during your studies is getting your degree, having a great life when studying in Canada is valued by a lot of students. Here’s what it can be like at UAlberta:

It won’t be hard to make friends on the UAlberta campus - with thousands of students and hundreds of student clubs and organizations, it will be really easy to meet people who share common interests. Even better - UAlberta offers a peer program and English conversation club for international students, both of which can help you succeed academically and socially!

Enjoy an energetic, exciting campus: every year there are huge campus events like the Week of Welcome, Green and Gold Day, and Antifreeze - you’ll see thousands of UAlberta students out and celebrating all around campus. These events throughout the academic year offer a fun way to take a break from classes, meet other students, and experience campus life. Even when large events aren’t happening, you can often find a barbecue or social events on of UAlberta’s quads, or an engaging public lecture in the academic buildings.

Orientation programs are important when you want to get to know your campus - UAlberta’s Transitions Orientation introduces hundreds of new international students to each other, academic life, and life in Canada each year. Over the few days of the program you’ll make new friends, learn about campus, and have a great time!

A great way to get involved in Canadian and campus life is to live in Residence. UAlberta guarantees residence spots to all first-year international students (conditions apply), making it easy to jump right into campus life and make new friends!

Explore Canada! UAlberta is in Alberta, home of the world-famous Jasper and Banff National Parks! High mountains, pristine lakes, and huge glaciers make these an experience not to be missed. They’re only a few hours away, meaning you can go with a few friends for a weekend of sightseeing, canoeing, and hiking.