Learning Happens Outside The Classroom Too!

By Carleton University Modified on May 14, 2018

Explore your options and enrich your experience.


What’s your goal when you enter university? To get an education, of course! But the experience can be so much more. The learning at university happens both inside and outside of the classroom – be sure to make the most of these exciting years by exploring everything your chosen school has to offer. So don’t let your university experience stop when class ends!

  • Enrich your academics by seeking out guest lectures, mentorship programs, and job shadowing opportunities.
  • Stay mentally and physically healthy by taking full advantage of university athletic facilities, heading out for a run on scenic paths or vibrant streets, or joining a sport that suits your competitive level.
  • Peruse student clubs and societies that revolve around interests in culture, food, sport, music, faith or academics.
  • Explore volunteer opportunities on- and off-campus, international study exchanges, short terms abroad, or international internships.
  • Build life-long friendships through the social activities in the on-campus residences or cultural activities and weekend trips offered by a student services office.
  • Start building your résumé through field placements, internships, or with a paid co-operative education (‘Co-op’) work experience in your field of study.
  • And stay on track by seeking support – university staff are available to help you at every stage, so be sure to take advantage of academic and career services and much more.

With Carleton University’s innovative programs, dedicated professors, and top-notch facilities, we know we’re offering you the most inside the classroom. We also know that getting involved outside will help propel your university experience to the next level. Getting involved means opportunities to gain valuable skills in networking, maintaining a work-life balance, cultural awareness, and engaging with the diverse world around you - helping launch you in a successful career and a balanced life in the future.

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