Starting Your Journey in Canada

By Bow Valley College Modified on September 04, 2018

Bow Valley College is the only public, comprehensive community institution in Calgary and area, providing service to over 16,000 learners each year. We are located in downtown Calgary with another eight regional campuses in Alberta. BVC is proud to be one of the most multi-cultural educational institutions in Canada with students from more than 148 countries including over 1,300 International students each year!

Studying abroad is always a positive and exciting experience. However, this experience could be challenging as you leave your comfort zone and live in an environment with new cultures, language and climate.

At Bow Valley College, we strive to make your journey a smooth transition. You can first explore the housing options posted on our website. Homestay programs help students integrate with Canadian culture and improve English language skills. If you have friends or family in Calgary, we encourage you to connect with them and receive support when looking for accommodation. By networking with people you know or in your cultural community, you will adapt well to the new environment.

For more information about Calgary, please visit our website for a range of information: Live in Calgary, Tourism Calgary and Anticipated Living Expenses.

When you arrive, make sure you attend the International Learner Preparation Day! This event will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about campus life at BVC, meet other international students, and prepare you for a successful BVC learning experience. Don’t forget, we are here to help – please visit us at the International Education Department in South Campus.

“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” – Benjamin Disraeli. Our international learners will have an unforgettable journey studying with us here in Calgary.