Top Time Management Tips for Busy Students

By University of Waterloo Modified on September 17, 2018

Fourth-year student Jessie offers tips for balancing good grades and having a social life.


If you struggle to be on time, meet deadlines, and stay organized, consider these time management tips from fourth-year Waterloo student Jessie and how they can help make your life easier!

Keep a calendar/agenda
It’s important to keep track of key deadlines so it can help to put them in your calendar or write them down in one spot so you can see what’s due at a glance.

Learn to say no
Even if your friends are begging you to join a new club, sometimes you have to say no and focus on your school work. Getting involved in too many things, especially in your final year of high school or first year of university, can impact your grades.

Do the most important and vital things first
By prioritizing, you have the most attention and energy to tackle your most important projects first. You can always do smaller and easier projects when you’re not as focused.

Allow for downtime
You can’t study all the time! Meet up with some friends, go to the gym, or binge watch NetFlix to balance out your studies. You’ll approach your work with a clearer mind after a good break.

Set out specific time for tasks
Setting a time to study or work on a hobby can be extremely effective. Going with the flow and doing things when they are most appealing can be a bad habit to fall into. If you plan to study at 2 pm until 5:30, then study from 2 pm until 5:30. This can help you focus and make you more productive.

Hopefully, this will help you work smarter, not harder.

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