5 Habits to Develop as an Art and Design Student

By OCAD University Modified on October 03, 2018

Make the most of your school year by developing good habits.


  1. 1. Explore
    Don’t just stick to the classroom. Go out and explore! Take pictures, sketch, paint, or do whatever to capture your creativity. When presenting your portfolio for admissions to an art and design university, it’s good to show diversity and passion in world around you.

  2. 2. Work collaboratively with your peers
    Your peers will likely be your most important resource for help, advice and perhaps even future job prospects. So it’s important, that while you’re student, to learn to work collaboratively with your peers in the most effective way you can. For example, lending help and asking for help when needed is essential to maintaining positive peer relationships.

  3. 3. Work independently
    While it’s important to ask for help, it’s also important to work independently especially in university. For instance, learn to take direction as efficiently as possible without the need to ask redundant questions that may have already been answered in the syllabus.

  4. 4. Maintain and update your online presence
    Ensuring that your online portfolio and resume is up-to-date is important for potential employers who may be looking to hire or for potential customers looking to buy your most recent work. By regularly updating your online presence, you’re also maintaining your credibility and demonstrating your experience and diverse skill set.

  5. 5. Don’t procrastinate
    Unlike cramming for an exam, cramming for an art or design project likely won’t cut it. Most assignments in art and design universities are very time consuming and thus require you to get started as soon as possible. Learn to plan ahead, pace yourself and be aware of deadlines!

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