Become a Future Leader in Healthcare

By Nipissing University Modified on October 14, 2018

A degree in Sociology, Biology, or Psychology will prepare you for a career in healthcare.


As the population ages, the number of available jobs in the healthcare sector will skyrocket. However, becoming a doctor is not the only option for those interested in pursuing a career in health sciences. Degrees in sociology, biology, or psychology from Nipissing University will prepare you to become future leaders in a variety of health fields.

Are you interested in the functioning of human society? Sociology is a broad discipline that encompasses the social influences of many topics including family, workplace, the criminal justice system, and medicine. Students can choose to specialize in many different fields such as fertility and family planning, social gerontology, illness and mental disorders, or social determinants of health. A degree in sociology will give students the theoretical knowledge they need to succeed in the health sector, but also the opportunity to apply this knowledge through research or experiential learning. Students who graduate with Nipissing University’s Certificate in Health Studies and Gerontology will be well prepared for careers as health and medical personnel, social workers, nutritionists, or occupational therapists.

Learn about the human body, inside and out, with a degree in biology. You can begin by studying a range of different topics, from evolution and conservation to genetics and microbiology. Once you have narrowed down your interests, you have the option to specialize in a certain field. Students who are intrigued by the intricacies of the brain and the functioning of the nervous system can work towards a Certificate in Neuroscience. If you want to learn more about the blueprints of life – our DNA – you can conduct a research project in the Genetics and Aging Laboratory. Many biology courses have a lab component, which are conducted in state-of-the-art facilities and will provide you with the hands-on skills that employers are looking for. In an Honours Specialization degree, you will conduct a fourth year intensive research project with a faculty member, preparing you for a career in research or further studies at the graduate level.

How do people remember information? How do we cope with stress? Why do people act, feel, and think the way they do? You will learn the answers to these questions and more with a degree in psychology. With options to complete either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts program, you can curate your degree to suit your interests. Classes in biological psychology, psychopathology, and scientific methods and analysis will introduce you to the study of the mind and human nature. Take your studies even further by conducting research in one of the many fields in psychology. You will develop skills in lab procedures, data analysis, and study design, giving you an advantage when applying for jobs or further schooling.

Whether you’re looking to become a doctor, counsellor, pharmacist, or occupational therapist, Nipissing University will prepare you for further studies or a career in healthcare.

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