Top Tips From Students for Choosing a University

By University of Waterloo Modified on October 19, 2018

University students offer suggestions for finding the program that's right for you

Choosing a university and your program can be a big decision. Studying subjects that interest to you makes college and university life a lot easier and definitely more enjoyable.

So what other factors are important to consider? Aujas, a student ambassador at the University of Waterloo, offers some tips for choosing a university program and questions to think about, such as:

- What are you interested in?

- Do you want a co-op program?

- What programs can you get into with the grades you have?

- What's it like at each university you're considering? What does the vibe feel like?

- Do you prefer hands-on learning or learning about theories?

October and November will bring lots of university fairs to help you learn about universities and your programs of interest. Aujas also wrote an article about getting the most out of university fairs.

With so many college and university programs available, it can be hard to choose. Do you want a general program, where you can study a broad range of subjects? Or do you really focus on a particular area of interest? Science student Jocelyn offers her suggestions for whether to specialize or keep your studies broad. Other things to consider include how far from family and friends do you want to be, what size city do you want to live in, what kind of campus would you enjoy, and what housing is like in the city.

Each university has its own group of unique teams and clubs. If you're interested in a specific team, try reaching out to the coach to check out when tryouts are and talk to some current athletes. Get a feel for what the team is like and how you can make an impact through your own contributions!

Not a big sports fan? No problem. Make sure you get to know what kinds of clubs each school has and which are of interest to you. Joining a club or a team can be a great way to build relationships and make new friends.

So those are some of our students' key tips. Good luck with your college or university search!