The Path towards a bright future: Study in Canada

By Centennial College Modified on November 06, 2018

Preparing to study abroad? Here are some reasons why Canada should be on your list.


I was in your shoes a couple of years ago, contemplating my future. Now I can safely say I made some smart choices that led me to study at Centennial College in Toronto, Canada.The professors are practicing professionals with extensive knowledge in their fields; assignments are tailored to real-life situations, and our classrooms are full of students from all over the world. There isn’t much more I can ask for; Centennial has truly exceeded my expectations. In my interviews with other students, I found that we share similar opinions about Centennial College.

“The professors at Centennial College have great experience in their fields and support their lessons with many samples from the real world, which helps me to be ready for the Canadian working environment,” says Emre Şendenel, Marketing Management Post-Graduate Student.

Hands-on learning at Centennial provides students with the necessary skills to succeed in their career. Co-op programs allow students to gain relevant work experience by applying knowledge learned in the classroom at work placements. “I really enjoyed doing co-op. I was working as a chemistry technician for the ministry of environment and was helping them prepare fish samples for lakes all over Ontario. It was a good feeling todo research and be engaged in a community as large as Ontario,” says Maryna Radko, Biotechnology Graduate, Centennial College.

Toronto is incredibly diverse. At Centennial, there are over 11,000 international students from 137 different countries! You will surely be immersed in a multicultural environment. “I am learning to adapt to a diversified community most importantly. I gained a different approach, and it affects my lifestyle already,” says Selda Erkılıç, Human Resources Management Post-Graduate Student.

Very few places offer the advantages Canada does. From the moment I arrived in Canada, I have always felt safe and welcomed. People are always willing to help whether it’s on campus or out on the streets.I am making some of the best memories of my life at Centennial. I have gained knowledge and experience, learned new skills and built relationships that will last a lifetime. Canada and Centennial College has not only allowed me to grow professionally and personally but has also provided me with a platform to succeed in my career. I feel ready to take on the exciting future ahead!

Centennial College gives true meaning to one of my favourite quotes "Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn." -Benjamin Franklin

By William Li, Marketing Management student at Centennial College.

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