How to Save and Make Money as a Student!

By Carleton University Modified on May 29, 2019

What you need to know about paying for school and living on a budget


Scholarships for international students vary from institution to institution, so research on the Student Awards websites of each of your school choices is important to discover what you need in order to be considered!

Good grades pay off
Most scholarships are merit-based — so grades are important! At Carleton University, for example, we automatically offer entrance awards to all academically qualified students entering directly from high school. These are renewable awards, too — which means that if you keep your grades up, you receive it each year.

Some higher value or competitive scholarships require a supplemental application including a written portion for you to express personal details such as community service, volunteerism or leadership experience — so read the requirements carefully.

Co-op programs — paid experiences
Co-operative education opportunities, or "co-ops," are a combination of work and study — you work in a field that's directly relevant to your degree program. So you get to apply the theory you're learning in practice, and develop valuable skills for your career.

It's great experience for your resume, and an opportunity to network with those working in your field. And you get paid for your work!

Working while studying
Most study permits allow you to work part-time, up to 20 hours per week during your studies, and full-time during the breaks (see who can work off campus for more information).

Jobs are also available on campus — in the library, in academic departments (maybe even in your field!). At Carleton, these jobs are reserved for students who demonstrate financial need. International students are eligible after their first year.

Budgeting and saving money
Many businesses know that students are financially stretched and offer student discounts — including banks. In exciting cities like Ottawa, many events are free. Check out Carleton's money saving tips. We also offer workshops on financial literacy, and have a handy budget calculator.