Resources on Campus for International Students

By Redeemer University College Modified on June 25, 2019

Universities in Canada set up a variety of campus services to help students succeed.

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The transition of moving away from home can be hard. Therefore, we want you to know that help is available as you make this big decision!

Get to know the available campus services

From the beginning of your admissions journey, schools usually have international student Admission Counsellors who will be able to walk you through your application and the study permit process. If you successfully obtain your study permit and are admitted to study in a Canadian university, take note of the variety of student support services offered on campus. When stress mounts, be sure to tell a friend, and book time with a professional counsellor available on-campus to get the help you need.

Free writing tutors

For most first-year students, reading academic journals and writing papers doesn't always come easy. Universities usually have writing centres run by professors and volunteers. When you’re “stuck” with your writing, it’s always helpful to see a writing tutor! They can help you on wording, editing or formulating your thoughts. The library is also a great resource to find things like standard citation formats.

Arts & academic events

Studying overseas can be a rich experience that shapes and expands your worldview. At Redeemer, a Christian liberal arts and sciences university, we want you to meet new friends, while also developing a new perspective — one that challenges you to view the world differently. So join in as a part of the arts & culture or academic events hosted on campus. Don’t be shy to make new friends!

We are just as excited as you are, and hope that you embrace the resources that campus communities offer to support international students in their university years. Your university community can truly become a second family here in Canada!