SAIT Supports International Students

By SAIT Modified on April 09, 2020

Through trying times, SAIT provides ongoing assistance to students near and far.

SAIT continues to support international students remotely through the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), institutions around the world have had to work diligently to continue offering quality supports and services which international students can rely on.

While everyone is learning to adapt to this challenging situation, the SAIT International Centre has kept the interests of our international students top of mind when making any decisions. We realize that many students may be overwhelmed by the amount of information currently at their fingertips, so we have created a brief summary of the resources currently available through the International Centre and SAIT.

Although the International Centre staff are currently working remotely, we continue to provide the following:

  • Advising for current students
  • Support for prospective students and partner agencies or institutions
  • Reliable and up-to-date information

Advising services continue to be available to current international students via email, Skype, and Facebook chat. Appointments and regular drop-in advising hours are accessible to all students, whether they are in an academic or SAIT English program. Topics covered may include immigration, academic advising, SAIT residence, or personal issues. Students may also meet with Academic Advisors to discuss issues relating to their program, or the Student Development and Counselling team to discuss any personal problems they may be facing.

Prospective student support is provided primarily by our International Recruiting team. Members of this team travel around the world, meeting with prospective students as well as agencies and partner institutions. They provide world-class support to individuals on their journey to becoming a member of the SAIT community.

The team at the International Centre is constantly working to provide students with reliable, up-to-date information, and through this pandemic has worked to strengthen communications as we recognize the hardships faced by many. Utilizing tools such as email campaigns, social media, webinars, and the SAIT website we are ensuring that students remain informed and engaged.

We are all in this together, and remain dedicated to the continued success of our international students while working to #flattenthecurve!

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