Polytechnics: Power and Possibility

By SAIT Modified on June 03, 2020
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5 reasons why you should consider studying at a polytechnic.

Mortar boards strung with lights hang at a polytechnic, like SAIT, near you!

As an international student, do you want to achieve the right balance between a world-class education, reasonable tuition, internship opportunities and high-paying employment once you graduate? If these are your goals, a polytechnic education is what you're looking for!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider studying at a polytechnic in Canada:

High Paying Jobs

For a graduate from a polytechnic or college, the average annual earnings are 12% higher than that of a university graduate (pdf).

While universities tend to focus on theoretical learning, polytechnics offer a mix of theoretical and practical learning — often with input from industry experts and employers! Graduates from polytechnics are at a definite advantage when it comes to employment since their education is based on career-focused theory and provides opportunities to establish connections to industry while in the program, applied research prospects and work-integrated learning.

All this to say that you will be career-ready as soon as you graduate!

Permanent Residence (PR) Eligibility

If you intend to immigrate to Canada after you graduate, a polytechnic education can get you there in a shorter time! If your polytechnic has a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) number — like SAIT does! — you can be sure that you're getting a great education in a relatively short and practical manner, and also means that you can possibly be eligible for permanent residence (PR) once you graduate!

Prep to Work in Canada!

As an international student, adjusting to the Canadian workplace as a part-time worker during your academic program or a full-time worker after graduation is a transition, even if you have years of experience from back home. With an education at a polytechnic, experiential learning is woven into every stage of the program and you can hit the ground running! Additionally, capstone projects, business cases, industry events and co-op work/internships help you build the industry network you need in order to set up a career in a new country. At a polytechnic, you can tap into your institution's alumni network and make valuable connections.

Vertical Opportunities, Shorter Timelines

Do you have a diploma and now want to go for a degree? Do you want a credential but don't want to spend years and years as a student? Do you want to change careers and are looking to re-skill?

Polytechnics are the place for you!

With multiple levels of credentials (certificates, diplomas, degrees etc.) available at a polytechnic, you can be sure to find what you are looking for. Additionally, polytechnics offer the possibility of using your existing diploma as a stepping stone to a degree, thanks to the university transfer program, giving you vertical mobility.

The polytechnic landscape in Calgary, Alberta is full of opportunities and possibilities as per your needs. Institutions in Calgary offer employment-ready intensive programs, practicums and internships, employment assistance, and other facilities to ensure that you not only succeed as an international student but also as an international worker.

Looking to study at a polytechnic? Check out what Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) has to offer!

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