Canadian Universities Support Students During the Transition to Online Learning

By Concordia University Modified on June 11, 2020
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From mentors to mental health supports, Concordia University wants to support you and your education.

An international student pursues online education at a Canadian university thanks to supports like those offered by Concordia University.

Most Canadian universities are planning to hold the majority of their courses online for the fall 2020 term, to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This will be a new experience for all students. Concordia University, among many other Canadian institutions, is in the process of developing strategies to help their student body adapt and thrive in this new online environment. Here are a few of the resources that students can rely on to help them make the transition to online learning.

Study groups move online

Learning from home does not have to mean learning alone! Students looking for additional support with math, writing, and particular courses that typically host study groups can book appointments by phone to receive extra help. Groups will take place over Zoom in most cases, throughout the summer and fall online terms.

Student mentors are here to help

Concordia University's student mentor program, which pairs new students with a volunteer "mentor" who can help navigate Concordia, has moved online. Students can request a mentor online who will then contact them and be available to answer any questions that come up as students begin their studies online. In times of uncertainty, a mentor can be very helpful in reducing confusion and helping new students get their footing in a new setting — even if it's online.

Help with using new online course delivery tools

Concordia's Centre for Teaching and Learning has moved online to help students set up their online learning platforms, whether their class is working with Zoom, Moodle, Microsoft Teams, or Google Classroom. They also offer tips on how to succeed as an online learner, and information about what to expect when taking online exams, quizzes, and more.

Mental health support

Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to. Even while studying from home, university students can often access their campus' health services via phone and video chat. This can be especially important during stressful and anxious periods in our lives. Concordia students who need someone to talk to can access several different telephone counseling services, one of which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — a particular benefit for international students who are living in different time zones.

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