Your Cheat Sheet for Online Learning

By Centennial College Modified on July 06, 2020
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The right attitude will help make the most of your online learning.

Online learning can be fun at Centennial College!

When the fall semester rolls around, many of us will still be learning from home. Luckily, Online Learning is something that Centennial College has been doing for years. Approaching it with the right attitude will allow you to make the most of it. Here's how:

Keep a regular schedule

One of the advantages of online education is its flexibility. However, it's still school, and you still need to meet the learning objectives and pass. If you're serious about your schooling, make yourself a schedule. Know what time you have to block off, and make sure that when that time comes around, you're in your workspace, with your computer, ready to hit the (digital) books.

Get up at the same time each day

It doesn't have to be extremely early, just at a time you can reasonably accomplish. The important thing is to get yourself in a regular routine.

Make yourself clean and presentable

Get out of your pyjamas, brush your teeth, take a shower if you have the time, and get some proper clothes on. It'll reset your brain and get you ready for the working day.

Take some time to plan stuff out

Take a bit of time to figure out what you're doing, so you can work smarter, not harder. Figure out what you're going to do during school hours, and make a to-do list that's no longer than five items. Don't get stressed if you don't knock everything off of your to-do list, though. Be sure to take the time to schedule some breaks for food, walking outside or anything else that'll maintain your mental and physical health.

Know your workspace

Pick a space where you can focus and do your work in peace, be it a desk in your room, or a couch in a living room. You also need to make sure it's not distracting, or messy, or full of family and friends, or a television or other distractions.

Eat and drink something good for you

Most people aren't hydrated enough, and dehydration leads to a bad memory, tiredness and irritability, so bring some water. Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast, too, because chocolate, chips and salt is bad for both your mind and body. Also, when it comes to coffee, the best time to drink it is between 10am and 5pm.

Online learning requires discipline and practice, but you can do it!

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