New Funds for International Students at the University of Guelph

By University of Guelph Modified on August 14, 2020
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Three new initiatives launched at U of G worth $4 million!

An international student enjoys increased financial support from the University of Guelph.

The University of Guelph is offering new supports for international students facing hardship during the pandemic. Together, these three new initiatives account for $4 million in additional funding just for international students!

Provost Incentive Offer: $750

The easiest $750 you ever received. If you're a full-time international student registered to start in the fall of 2020, you'll automatically receive the Provost Incentive. This is a one-time $750 credit, no application needed. All you have to do is stay registered for full-time studies through the whole semester and you'll get a $750 credit.

International Tuition Assistance Bursary: $2,500

Having trouble paying tuition? (Who isn't?) The University of Guelph has also introduced a financial need-based program: a bursary for international students who need an extra hand funding tuition fees. Taking part in the program will save you $2,500 total — $1,250 per semester.

Check out the Student Financial Services page for more info, but remember, this bursary is in an addition to other bursaries you might receive!

Enhanced International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships: up to $20,500

Entrance scholarships are getting a boost for international students, too. New students who qualify for an undergraduate entrance scholarship will now enjoy a renewal award of $4,000 for each remaining year, so long as the renewal criteria are met. This means maintaining an overall average of 80% throughout your degree will earn you a scholarship of over $20,000!

Residence, wellness, and your student experience

The supports in place at the University of Guelph are not just financial. The International Student Experience team is working hard to offer new outreach activities and programs to bring international students like you into the fold. The University offers increased access to housing, counselling, wellness, and accessibilty services so you can focus on your degree.

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