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By Olds College Modified on October 21, 2020
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Make application season easier on yourself by following these 5 tips from Olds College.

Make application season easier on yourself by following these 5 tips from Olds College.

Applying to post-secondary is a big decision, so you need to ensure that you are prepared to take that step.

You also want to do everything you can to make the process as easy as possible. There are a few important things you can do to try and make the application process a little easier.

1. Make sure you meet the admission requirements

You need to make sure that you meet the admission requirements for the program you want. Most institutions post their admission information on their website, so find out if you have all the correct high school courses.

If not, you may be eligible for an Alternate or Mature Student Admission, if the institution has an option like that. Academic upgrading is also an option. This means you'd take a short preparatory course to ensure you meet the requirements.

Some programs also have other requirements, such as a number of volunteer hours, English language proficiency, interviews, portfolio submissions, auditions; the list goes on. Ensure you can meet those as well. They can take time, so don't wait!

A final thing to consider is if the admissions is done on a First Qualified First Admitted basis or if it is Competitive Admission. Many popular programs, including Engineering Technology and Computer Programming, are Competitive, meaning you'll need to stand out as an applicant.

2. Know when to apply

Check the institution's website to determine when applications open for your program of choice. Also find out if there is an application deadline. Even if there isn't a deadline, many programs are very popular and fill up quickly, so it's always best to apply as early as possible, especially if the program is First Qualified, First Admitted.

3. Get your supporting documents ready

High school transcripts will definitely need to be submitted. If you've previously attended post-secondary, you should submit those transcripts as well. You might even be eligible for transfer credit, making your next diploma or degree easier to obtain.

Again, some programs require things like a Career Investigation Report, a resumé, or a portfolio to be submitted before you can be admitted, so it's always a good idea to have those ready to go when you apply.

If you need to prove your English language proficiency, have a copy of your test scores ready to go.

4. Fill out the application form completely

If there is information missing on your application form, it will cause delays in your application processing. Read through the instructions carefully and make sure you include all of the required information.

Once you've read through the requirements, read them again. It never hurts to be extra prepared, and double checking is good practice.

5. Submit all documentation in a timely manner

Ensure you have all transcripts and other documentation ready to submit as soon as possible, so that the Admissions Office can process your application quickly and offer you admission! Delays in providing required documentation can result in your application being delayed and you might miss out on a seat in the program.

Making sure you've done your research and you're prepared will ensure that the application process goes as smoothly as possible, and improves your chance at admission!

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