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By Vancouver Island University Modified on December 09, 2020
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7 ways a student job can transform your university experience.

7 ways a student job can transform your university experience.

Looking for a convenient way to earn a few bucks while building your experience in a flexible environment made for busy students? Student employment may be your answer. Every year, Vancouver Island University offers a range of interesting work opportunities for students, allowing you to gain resumé-building career experiences while helping to pay the bills.

Not sure if a VIU student job is for you? Check out these 7 advantages to student employment then learn more about how to find a job that may be right for you.

Make new connections

Employers are professors and VIU staff who can broaden your network, and your job may involve working with peers and other VIU people you might not otherwise meet.

Deepen your academic interests

Many student employment opportunities are specifically connected to your academic learning and through work you can learn and experience different perspectives that create new interests or career pathways.

Learn new skills

Student jobs can include a variety of different activities you may not have had any exposure to yet, including event coordination, communications, public speaking, research skills and so many more.

Build a foundation of experience

Future employers are interested in your experience as much as your knowledge and skills. Take the opportunity to expand your resumé and future possibilities.

Have an impact on your community

Many of our employment opportunities are intended to enhance the student experience and engagement. You will have the chance to interact with a broad range of people and programs taking place across the university and your input can make a difference now and for future students.

Gain confidence

With each new job and experience, you can develop confidence in your skills and abilities that can benefit you when applying for other jobs, scholarships or internships.

Make great memories

Being an active and engaged member of the university community makes for great stories and fond memories.

Convinced that being a VIU student employee might work for you? Here's how to do it:

  • Log onto CareerVIU, the student employment postings database
  • Search job postings for campus employment opportunities
  • Follow the directions to apply

Exciting positions recently posted on CareerVIU include: student ambassador, global engagement assistant, media assistant, cultural events coordinator, student athletics and recreation assistant, research assistants in a variety of areas, and many, many more.

Most other Canadian universities will have similar jobs boards!

Need help logging on? Connect with cel@viu.ca for assistance.

By Tina McComb, VIU's Director of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning.

Check out CareerVIU

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