3 Career Fields on Future Watch

By Algonquin College Modified on May 21, 2021
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Keeping an eye on the labour market is a smart tactic for flexible students.

3 Career Fields on Future Watch

Some students have known what their dream job or dream field is since they were very young. Others discover as they move through school what types of work and workplaces appeal to them—collaborating in an office, working outdoors, working with people or working nowhere near people.

For students approaching high school graduation, yet another consideration is which job markets are on the rise (and which are on the decline—VHS repairperson?). Keeping an eye on the news or even checking in with the latest labour market information can help you keep up with trends, from AI encroaching on routine work to Canada's growing biopharmaceutical industry to meet domestic vaccine demand. You may even use services that didn't exist 10 years ago, from your favourite app to 5G internet. As usual, the only certainty is change.

So, what are some current industries new grads need to keep their eyes on?


The news that Google plans to expand its Canadian workforce by 5,000 over the next few years confirmed the continued growth of "Silicon Valley North," a good sign for students who enjoy technology and all the supporting roles (human resources, management) at a big company.

Programs at various colleges are popping up to meet changing technology needs, for instance at Algonquin College the Bachelor's of Automation and Robotics offers theoretical and applied learning for this emerging field, and the Bachelor of Technology (Digital Health) allows particular focus in another upcoming area.

For students who want to keep an eye on tech, the Narwhal List tracks the status of Canadian companies poised to become world-class firms.


Jobs in the skilled trades have continued to be in high demand throughout the pandemic. A 2019 report by Statistics Canada and the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum stated that Canada needs to attract 167,739 new apprentices over the next five years just to keep pace with current demand.

The report focused on the top ten Red Seal trades, which is an apprenticeship regulating body. Some of the trades to make the report's top ten list included:


With strain on the healthcare system throughout the pandemic, essential healthcare workers are in more demand than ever.

Canada's aging population also increases the need for a strong healthcare workforce: according to Statistics Canada, over 6.5 million Canadians are 65 years of age and older.

Algonquin College's newest accelerated Personal Support Worker program was developed to meet the growing workforce demands, preparing students for immediate work in healthcare in just 20 weeks. Programs such as Practical Nursing and Retirement Communities Management also support the growing healthcare needs within the community.

For students looking to the future, keeping an eye on up-and-coming industries will not only help graduates secure a rewarding career, but also ensure their newly learned skills are in demand.

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