Top 10 Trend-Setting Employers for Algonquin College Students

By Algonquin College Modified on June 08, 2021
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AC's coolest student employers can help you narrow down where to work after graduation.

Top 10 Trend-Setting Employers for Algonquin College Students

If you're looking into post-secondary education but aren't quite sure where to go, this is the article for you. Figuring out what you want to do and where you want to work can definitely speed up the decision-making process. Let's zoom out and talk about the bigger picture: life after college.

The following list of employers, in no particular order, hire Algonquin College students on a yearly basis! The lucky alumni don't exclusively come from co-op opportunities either, students are often onboarded through field and clinic placements as well.


If you've ever shopped online, you've likely heard of Shopify. This Canadian multinational e-commerce company is headquartered in our very own stomping grounds of Ottawa, Ontario! The brand prides itself on developing top-quality e-commerce solutions that power over a million businesses worldwide.

Whether it's driving sales, web development, video production, or customer support, Shopify interns get the opportunity to put their skills to the test in a real-world environment. Students work amongst real industry experts to hone their skills and before joining the team officially. How cool is that?

City of Ottawa

A 9–5 in the 613 sounds pretty sweet to me! Don't fret, working for the City doesn't necessarily mean sitting behind a desk all day (but if that's your thing, more power to ya). These jobs also involve city services, paramedics, public transit, police services, event planning and so much more. A career with the Nation's capital means being an integral part of the community, working to make it even better, and seeing the results in real-time.

Canopy Growth

If you're passionate about the green scene, you're in luck! Based in Smith Falls, Canopy Growth is a multi-faceted cannabis company that focuses on educating Canadians to safely, effectively and responsibly use cannabis.

Interns have the opportunity to work in a variety of departments ranging from trimming cannabis plants, implementing marketing strategies, forecasting sales, creating consumer goods and several other dope positions. (Sorry, we had to.)

Government of Canada

When the topic of government jobs comes up, most people picture a dull, grey office job, but with over 200 departments to choose from, the career possibilities are endless! Whether it's with the CRA, AAFC, BDC, DRDC, or any other acronym you can think of, rest assured that your extensive skillset will be put to the test.

Though working a desk job is a possibility, it'll be anything but boring. Government workers are hard at work, building a better future for our Nation and co-op students get to be a fundamental part of the process. More times than not, co-op positions can lead to being hired as a student which in turn can lead to being bridged into the government after graduation. The job security and benefits don't hurt either. Talk about a career move!


Want to work on Oscar winning teams? The happiest place on Earth can help get you there! Alumni like Trent Correy and Scott Armstrong both worked on Oscar winning films like Zootopia, Moana, and Frozen. Trent explains, "Ottawa has a very rich animation history and some of the best studios in Canada are here," he says. "There is direct feeding ground."

But even if animation isn't your thing, there's room for you here. Student interns can also work in marketing and communications, guest services, consumer goods, finance, and so much more. With so many opportunities to reach for, do you really Nemo proof than that?


Do you like horses and cool hats? If so, look no further. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are the federal and national police service of Canada, providing law enforcement at the federal level.

Co-op students and interns have the opportunity to excel in their field within the RCMP. With over 150 specializations, a career with the RCMP is full of possibilities for continued learning and success. Positions range anywhere from software engineering to process analysis, policing and more, so there's something for everyone.

Ubisoft Montreal

Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six Siege, and Prince of Persia are just some of this Canadian video game company's critically acclaimed creations. With cult-followings and millions of fans eagerly awaiting the next release, it's easy to see how rewarding your work could be.

Whether it's game development, coding, marketing, UX design or project management, student interns get to experience the fast-paced, results-driven ways of the industry. Are you game?


Siemens Canada is a Canadian subsidiary of the Munich-based multinational engineering and electronics company. Involved in a variety of fields, namely power generation, information distribution, communications and petrochemicals, you're sure to find your cup of tea here.

Earn while you learn, put all your skills and brainpower to the test and kick off your technical career in one of their IT or commercial work-based programs. Your first step is to become a technical student, the rest is up to you.


The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is responsible for collecting, analysing, reporting and disseminating intelligence on threats to Canada's national security, and conducting operations, covert and overt, within Canada and abroad. In short, they're spies.

Although covert operations and dangerous missions are probably off the table, co-op students and interns can get involved in departments such as science and technology, business and administration, human resources, and several others. *cue Mission Impossible theme song*

Global Affairs

Global Affairs Canada manages our Nation's diplomatic and consular relations, encourages Canadian international trade, and leads Canada's international development and humanitarian assistance. Essentially, interns and co-op students get to contribute to Canada's future on a global scale.

As put it, "Global Affairs Canada offers a wide variety of jobs from coast to coast, in diverse fields, such as administration, agriculture, communications, enforcement, finance, IT, policy, and many more. Students work in offices and laboratories, on ships and farms, at historical sites and national parks, among many other locations, in more than 300 cities and towns across Canada."

Final thoughts

It's no secret that college and university can open doors to endless possibilities but, co-op and field placements can put you on the fast-track to a successful career. Algonquin has many programs with a field placement, clinical placement or co-op option. Compare programs by creating your own Custom Viewbook here.

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