Work Opportunities for International Students

By York University Modified on October 16, 2023
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Did you know that you can work while you study at York University?

Work Opportunities for International Students

York University provides international students with many practical education and work opportunities. These opportunities can help you develop skills to use in the workplace, preparing you for your future career. One of the highlights of studying in Canada as an international student is that you can work with a student visa.

York provides job postings through Career Education & Development, showing you where you can work on- and off-campus. York International also facilitates co-operative education and networking opportunities for international students.

As a study permit holder, you may qualify to work on-campus or off-campus without an additional work permit. You may also be eligible to work in Canada after you graduate. Make sure to consult York International if you need guidance on how to proceed if this is a part of your academic and career goals.

Career Education & Development

One of the most useful resources for York students that can help achieve long-term career goals is Career Education & Development! It provides York students with:

  • workshops;
  • cover letter and resumé guidance;
  • practice interview sessions;
  • peer career educators;
  • employer recruitment events and job fairs

You can also sit down with an advisor to discuss the careers you want to explore after graduation. The best part is that there's no limit to how many appointments you can book. You have support available to you throughout your entire university journey, including up to two years after you graduate!

Internships and co-operative education at York

If you are considering adding an internship or co-op education placement to your degree, you have several options at York depending on your area of studies. We provide great opportunities to complement your in-class education with hands-on work experience. In many cases, work placements are paid positions, so they can also help with the financial cost of university.

There are a few things you need before you participate in a co-op or internship placement. For example, you must get a co-op work permit. Some of the eligibility requirements for a co-op work permit include:

  • You must have a study permit.
  • Your employment must be part of your academic program, certified by a letter from a responsible academic at York.
  • Your intended employment must be an essential part of your program of study in Canada.
  • Your co-op or internship employment cannot form more than 50% (percent) of the total program of study.

Work/Study program on campus

York's Work/Study program includes part-time jobs; Research at York (RAY) positions where you can join faculty research projects; the Leadership, Engagement & Ambassadorship Program (LEAP) where you work as an ambassador on campus, or York's Internship program.

There are over 1,900 student jobs available on campus every year, giving you the chance to start your career while studying! To be eligible, international students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a full-time undergraduate student enrolled in a degree program.
  • Have a valid study permit for the period of employment.
  • Meet the specific skills and experience requirements set by the sponsoring department.

Working while studying has many benefits, and we're here to help find the perfect job for you. Check out York student experiences with the Work/Study program on the #YUBlog.

To learn more about employment opportunities and co-operative education at York University, visit our Working in Canada website or contact us on Facebook or Twitter. We look forward to seeing you on campus next year!

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