5 Study Videos to Make Schoolwork More Fun

By Ryerson University Modified on January 24, 2022
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A Ryerson University student shares the best videos to watch while studying.

 5 Study Videos to Make Schoolwork More Fun

Let’s be real. Sometimes, schoolwork is not the most fun. Sitting down to write an essay or study for an exam is not my absolute favourite thing to do. Recently, I found a way to make these tasks more enjoyable, believe it or not!

On YouTube, there are a plethora of videos to make studying and schoolwork just a little bit better. The videos can feature instrumental music to keep you focused, help you believe you’re somewhere more fun and maybe even provide you with a virtual study buddy. Here are five of my favorite videos I like to put on.

1. Study with Rory Gilmore at Yale

This summer, I went on a little bit of a Gilmore Girls kick. It even inspired me to write a blog about how the Gilmore Girls characters would fit in at our university. I love to put this video on because the lo-fi music keeps me focused, and the accompanying video of Rory Gilmore studying is like having a study buddy. This video also has a built-in Pomodoro timer. The Pomodoro timer splits the video into 25-minute study periods with a five-minute break in between each study section. I love this technique as it helps me really focus for 25 minutes, but then treat myself with a quick break.

2. Study at the Hogwarts library

I know you’re probably thinking the same thing I am: I wish I went to Hogwarts. This video lets you live out your Harry Potter dreams (because who didn’t want to go to a wizarding school?) from the comfort of your study space. You can study with Harry in the Hogwarts library and enjoy books flying around and ambient library sounds. This video also has a Pomodoro technique built in. If you’re looking for even more Harry Potter magic, this video has instrumental music from the movies.

3. Study at Central Perk

Are you looking for coffee shop study vibes without the actual coffee shop? This video puts you right in everyone’s favourite coffee shop accompanied by some acoustic music to help you focus. Pretend you’re studying with the Friends gang at Central Perk, though this video will hopefully be much less distracting than actually hanging out with them. This video doesn’t have a Pomodoro timer in it, but leaving a website like Pomofocus running in your browser can help you stay focused.

4. Study in Magic Kingdom

Do you know what would make studying so much better? Doing it in the most magical place on Earth! When I want to go back to my childhood, I put on this video to bring me there. This video has four scenescapes from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and instrumental Disney music playing in the background. I truly think that listening to Disney music can immediately put anybody in a good mood. For maximum study effectiveness, I also recommend using a Pomodoro timer while watching this video.

5. Study outdoors from indoors

If you’ve ever wished you could study outside while enjoying the comfort of the indoors, now you can! Enjoy the scenery of trees, mountains, and rivers while sitting at your desk with some ambient concentration music in the background. This video doesn’t feature a Pomodoro timer, but feel free to use one alongside this video, and state at the gorgeous natural landscapes during your breaks.

I hope these videos make your study sessions and essay writing a little more interesting. In addition to these suggestions, our university’s Student Life and Learning Support has many resources from tutoring, to writing support, to helping with the transition to university once your study days arrive.

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